Side Hustle Savings Goals

My side hustle goals are aimed towards learning to live with delayed gratification, while benefiting from saving for big outputs. Below are the items I’ve identified as what I’ll purchase this year with my side hustle cash:

Garmin Fenix 3 in Rose Gold – this is a personal side hustle purchase, and at $800AUD it’s definitely a huge-ticket item. So far, I’ve amassed a whopping $13 towards it – only $787 to go!

Bose mini-speakers – a ‘team’ purchase: money that we earn in side-hustling together is being saved up to buy one of these bad boys.

New bedspread – this is definitely a personal side hustle purchase. Although it’s for the benefit of both the boyf and I, his care factor is lower than zero when it comes to our current bedspread situation. It feels  unfair to make him pitch in, so I’ll be aiming to side hustle my way to picking out something fun and fresh, in addition to a much more cosy doona.

The Spot Dress – because it’s cute and I’m a clothing addict.