2018 Check in

Well this blog went silent for a while! The primary reason for that was the all-consuming dedication I gave to planning our wedding and preparing for a move overseas. My almost-new-husbo and I are undertaking a sea change at the ripe age of 27, throwing in my legal career in Western Australia and kickstarting a new life as business owners in the north of Michigan.

A marriage, a career change and (several) house moves are all individually changes not for the faint of heart, and I have been learning a lot about how to embrace and enjoy each change while just keeping our heads above water. I hope to share some of those experiences once we’ve got ourselves over to the USA, and created at least a semblance of a normal life. Until then, can I tell you that moving is hard? And packing up your apartment and selling your things is hard? And that living with your parents is like a time warp, particularly when you’ve since acquired a fusband? Most importantly, that the whirlwind farewell tour you do of your hometown to say goodbye to your friends and family and colleagues may be intense and jampacked and exhausting, but is one of the most important ways to learn who your true friends are, and to surprise you into realising they are more numerous and fantastic than you ever realised before.

We have four more sleeps until we head to our first USA destination (hello NYC!), and in that time I have no doubt there will be one million more shared meals, plenty of cuddles with the dog, multiple meltdowns and somehow still a few wasted hours scrolling Insta while watching Netflix. But underneath the mixed feelings and the goodbyes and the frustration with maximising the use of three suitcases to capture a life, is a foundation of peace and excitement. Bring on 2018!

October Goals

I’m in the middle of writing my September Spending Round-Up, and I’m going to be honest – it’s far from as impressive as I wanted it to be. There are several reasons for it, but in the end, the key reasons were lack of planning, and visa applications. October is likely to be another spendy month, which I’m hoping to offset by a relatively impressive set of side-hustle options. However, the discipline of tracking my spend was instrumental in not totally losing the plot as I have in previous months, and allowed me to put $1000 into savings.

This month, I’m aiming for a $2000 savings contribution. It’s going to be tough – I’m likely going to need to fly to Sydney, and incur some very irritating medical costs. This will eat significantly into my savings accounts, even if I try to just use my side-hustle money. Some of the main ways I’m seeking to cut costs and increase income is to heavily reduce grocery spend (when you see my September breakdown, you’ll see how much hosting several dinner parties decimated by grocery spend), to not purchase clothes (save for three pre-planned wedding-related outfits) and to sell some more of my unwanted items on eBay.

My October side-hustles are private tutoring, university tutoring, selling on eBay and Swagbucks. I think this month will be the month I close down my etsy store. I’ve really loved having a little online store, but the stress on top of my normal job, and expenses I have to regularly incur to maintain it, significantly outweigh the income and joy it brings me. I have a few personal projects I want to complete using my Silhouette, but after that, I’ll be selling it online and putting that money towards my savings. It feels like the end of an era, and I do think I’d run another online store, but I don’t think I’d make stickers again. While it is so gratifying to create a product people love and use, it is a surprisingly time-consuming activity, and quickly falls to the bottom of a priority list. My bigger dream is to one day create a stationery line, and I’d rather focus my efforts on that.

My personal goals in October are to close out my very long list of wedding jobs, to catch up on my 365 journal, and to reinvigorate my personal empties challenge. The ever-irritating rent inspection has caused me to deep-clean my bathroom again, and I’ve come up with (somehow) MORE pots of moisturiser that I need to make my way through. The roaccutane is still doing wonders on my face, but my whole body is starting to dry out like a wrinkled prune, so that moisturiser can make a positive difference.

Lastly, I’m seeking to write more. I haven’t been prioritising reading or writing for pleasure; a lot of that is due to a very tough last six weeks, which left little time for self care or self improvement. As I face the last 6.5 weeks as a faux-single gal, I want to make sure I prioritise myself. I’ll share more in the future, but I suffered the very real physical effects of over-exertion for the benefit of others in an absolutely destructive cold, and it was a true reminder of how important it is to reflect carefully before committing to things. Spending time to recharge, however that is done for you, is vital, and your body will tell you if you aren’t helping yourself out.

Looking forward to sharing a little more about my spending report, and wedding progress in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’m going to take some time to meditate before heading off to my Sunday afternoon tutoring side hustle and dinner with my family.

August Spending Review

It’s been a while since I’ve given a thorough insight into my spending habits. That’s partially because it’s been a busy year. It’s partially because I got myself into a pretty spendy pattern of behavior. And it’s mainly because I wasn’t tracking my spending.

I was on vacation at the beginning of August and began to feel a bit sick about how little I knew about my spending. I set myself the goal of getting through the month by tracking every cent I spent. The mid-term goal was to use the impetus of that knowledge to begin pursuing a 40% savings program in September, October and November.

The win: I did track every cent I spent. I tried a bunch of apps, but settled on my tried and true ASIC Moneysmart TrackMySpend app. It may not be the prettiest, or the smoothest – in fact, it can be frustratingly clunky and visually quite average, but it is inherently simple to use and that is truly all I could ask for. I’ll save it for another post, but the discipline and learning from tracking my spending really comes from having to individually input each of the items every time I spend (or withholding spending to avoid the shame of inputting an item I didn’t want to show up at the end of the month), and this was the only app I found that met this simple goal with ease.

In the end, August became about two things: tracking every cent I spend, and re-building my sidehustle savings account. I’m proud to say I met both of those goals – and want to display my victory for you in glorious colour!

Behold, my August spending breakdown, in pie form:

August Spending

Man that is pretty. It’s also a very eye-opening insight into my spending habits. The labels don’t capture all slices of the pie (despite my best efforts on Google Sheets), so for full disclosure, fees amounted to 0.6%, Uber 0.3%, parking 0.3%, doctor 1.4% and eating out 1.5%.

I’ve done some personal analysis of these figures:

  • Rent is exceptionally high as we pay rent fortnightly, and August was one of those delightful months where there were three payments instead of two.
  • I love clothes, and my eBay habit has become a little uncontrollable. Although I hadn’t realized quite how much these great deals online were taking up of my monthly spend.
  • Cosmetics is outrageously high this month – thanks to replacing a broken perfume (and my expensive taste), and an exceptionally long layover in Dallas airport resulting in an accidental Mac foundation spree.
  • There’s no fuel spend this month, thanks to mum and dad filling up my car before I arrived home in Perth on the 12th ❤ The very low transport costs are generally due to living in the inner city, and walking to work, a lifestyle for which I am extremely grateful.
  • Event spend incorporated a ticket to a ball, raffle tickets at a quiz night, and tickets to that quiz night. It was a pretty darn fun month. There will need to be much more free fun nights from now on.

Basically what I learned in August is I spend to make myself feel better, and that typically results in me feeling more stressed or just generally worse. I also learned (for the one thousandth time) how much knowledge truly is power – just by being able to see regularly how much I am spending, and how much I don’t need to be spending, is an empowering reminder of my general financial position.

And now, to the more heart-warming statistics: the side hustle. This second half of 2017 is a lucrative time for earning money on the side – I’ve picked up two tutoring students of a weekend. I also have begun teaching at the university, which has given me a new lease on life, and love of the law. Total side hustle earnings were rounded out by a handful of Etsy sales, and cashing out some Swagbucks. In total, my sidehustle increased my total income for August by 11%, which I’m pretty thrilled with. The side hustle bank account is looking healthy again, and I’ve earmarked that money for the long list of wedding extravagances that I spend hours lusting after.

September will be the real test of my ability to commit to some pretty stringent living. I kicked it off in spectacularly inconsistent fashion by going to a ball and doing a wedding hair trial, as well as splurging on a bottle of Veuve to celebrate some huge life milestones of my very dear friends. All of this was fun, fabulous and (mostly) prepared for; but it is a long month, and there are a lot of shiny distractions waiting for me. I anticipate my key stumbling blocks to be eBay (clothing addiction), my 10 year high school reunion (how did that happen??) and a family weekend in Adelaide. In the end, the goal is to save 40% of my salaried income (side hustle is a bonus). Looking forward to updating you next month!



Roaccutane: Early Days

So I've talked a lot here about the variety of skin care undertakings that have defined my year. I've trialled all different cleansers, exfoliators, toners, topical treatments, vitamin C, masques and oils. It's been fun. My forehead has smoothed out to that of an 18 year old (okay…a stressed 18 year old, but it's better than the 40-year-old vibes I was getting at the end of 2016). My skin looks much brighter and is softer to touch.

But I could not move the angry red marks on my cheeks. No matter how patient I was, they refused to budge. I over and under exfoliated. I moisturised. I tried gentle cleansers. I switched birth control methods. Then I cracked the shits, got a referral to a dermatologist and, after a bit of fussing around, began the confusingly controversial acne wonder drug, roaccutane.

Roaccutane is basically a big fat dose of vitamin A, that you take orally by tablet. You may recall I tried the topical treatment Differin, which is a retinoid (or vitamin A derivative) a while ago, unfortunately to minimal effect. Roaccutane (also known as accutane), works from the inside to shrink your pores and effectively cure you of acne (this description is definitely woefully inadequate, so I'd give it a Google if you'd like a more comprehensive / accurate summary of the work it does).

When I was younger, I remember a few people (my brother included) going on it, and the litany of scary side effects: depression and suicidal tendencies; not being able to even look at alcohol for fear your liver would curl up and die; severe sun burn; thoroughly dried out skin (think shrivelled up like a sultana); painfully dry lips; and not being allowed to fall pregnant, admittedly not as much of a fear when I was younger. Turns out the main, legitimate, side effects are dry lips and an absolute kibosh on falling pregnant, as vitamin A causes severe deformities to unborn foetuses.

The main things I was warned about was to take care in the sun (particularly living in Western Australia, renowned for its particularly burny sun, and also my painfully pale skin), mitigate the guaranteed dry lips by regular chap stick application, and, as said above, adopt two forms of birth control because pregnancy is a big no. Otherwise, alcohol is fine, just not to excess all the time (although the occasional drunk night is fine), and I would need to have a blood test prior to starting the drug, and before my six week check up.

I was prescribed a 20mg dose once a day for 60 days (leading up to my next appointment), equating to one tablet to be take with food a day. While waiting for the results of my blood test to begin taking the drug, I spent many hours looking at before and after photos, and looking for blogs where people shared their roaccutane experiences. Of course, most were over dramatic. I read posts of people who claimed they were so dry they moisturised their entire body ten times a day, or felt deeply depressed. Some people said they stayed on the drug for years. Some people said they had hangovers for days. On a straw poll of the many friends I have who have taken it in recent years to farewell adult acne, the worst side effect was dry lips and, for some, a sweatier face when exercising.

I've now been on the drug for 2.5 weeks. In the interests of honesty, I'll share my 'progress' in the form of extraordinarily unflattering photos.


All I felt was embarrassed. Big red marks and bumps all over my face.

Week One:

At the end of week one, I'd experienced dry lips (although not as bad as I thought they'd be) and a noticeably dry mouth when I woke up in the morning. Otherwise, generally fine and no emotional swings, no noticeably dry skin anywhere but my lips and thanks to it being winter and me applying sunscreen, no issues with sunburn.

Week Two:

At the end of week two, my lips continued to be slightly dry, and I had the occasional dry mouth. Again… that's pretty much it. As you can see, not much has changed at this stage. I feel as though the acne is getting slightly worse (which I was warned about prior to commencing treatment – minimal to no change in the first six weeks, with a high likelihood of things worsening a little as the drug begins to take effect from the inside out.

I've pared back my skincare routine, as many people warned me your skin gets very sensitive while taking roaccutane. I'm now using a gentle milk cleanser in the morning, followed by serozinc, hydroluron and miscellaneous moisturisers, before slathering on the sunscreen. Evenings, I double cleanse with Clinique Take the Day Off and another milk cleanser, followed by serozinc, hydroluron, moisturiser. Sometimes I'll use an oil because I just love face oils – but generally, this is all my skin has wanted. And during the day, as some of the red cystic acne had come to a head, I will use a little of the Aesop control gel to try cool them out.

I miss using Vitamin C, but I'm holding off to see how my skin goes. I've gifted on some of my fancier products so they get used instead of expiring in my cupboard. But generally – that's all I do!

I'll keep you updated on progress. It's a slow burn, and generally a six month treatment, but I'm feeling confident this is the right choice for me.

30 June 2017

This date feels so monumentally significant to me today, and yet, as always, somehow mundane. In a total chaotic flurry that happened in the blink of an eye but was filled with more weight and people than I could have imagined, the first half of 2017 is behind us. In it is the full spectrum of wins, whims and woes that make up a life. Early alarms, overflowing baskets of washing. Rent inspections. Long, rambling complaints about work. Sunshine and plants. Beautiful friends. Performance reviews. Boozey lunches. Boxing, exercise and more and more and MORE exercise. Meal prepping and Instagram and self doubt. So much self doubt! And somehow, healthy doses of self love. All seasons of all shows on Netflix. Tearful airport goodbyes and long and frustrating calls on every medium offered by a smartphone. Yarn everywhere I look, sometimes turning into something beautiful, and sometimes entangling itself into webs of anxiety. Work idols. Wedding expos. Charity balls and Friday night drinks in windowless rooms, laughing and complaining and sharing and eye rolling. Friday nights on the couch. Learning to paint. Hours on eBay and hundreds of packages. 

In six months, we have a wedding. In many ways I can’t comprehend that reality; and importantly, it is one very large but only one aspect of who I am and what this year is about. 

The goal for the next six months is to continue to build into the kind of person I always wanted to be.  Inner confidence reflected in outer humility. Healthy dose of self discipline with a sprinkling of flexibility. Outward-focussed and committed to others. Follows through. And meditative. 

I’m very fascinated by the picture I have of the kind of person I want to be. She’s the girl I see from the corner of the room, who I desperately want to be friends with. She’s fun and interesting and different, she has strong personal style and looks fit and strong and confident. She gives to others without being submissive and champions them and their achievements. She is kind, but in the non-submissive way. My goal, in the next 6 months, is to build up the courage to meet her. 


I have always been a birthday fanatic. I love the presents and the fanfare and the celebration and the singing and getting to eat your favourite cake. 

And joy of joys, my birthday is tomorrow! The celebration of the end of my 27th year on earth and the start of my 28th. Typically this is the night I begin my exceedingly lengthy list of goals set for the upcoming year, spanning all facets of life from personal to financial to career to fitness. 

But this year, I just can’t do it. This upcoming 28th year on earth is stuffed just about full of every conceivably life-fulfilling thing – marriage, physical distance, moving countries, changing careers, buying a home. I can’t possibly mentally squeeze anything else in. In writing this all down, I realise that there is only one goal: calm. 

I have been blessed with practically every wonderful thing in life, but struggle to maintain a sense of balance and perspective. And so, this year, in amongst every fabulous life high and fear-inducing risk that awaits, I commit to holding on to calm. Equanimity. Balance. With a healthy side dose of balloons.

Point Redemption / Freebie Round-Up

One of my favourite things in the whole world is a good old bargain. I love walking away having purchased an item that has been discounted, preferably twice, and heavily. I love collecting points – it would be fair to say that I dedicate well over 70% of my wallet real estate to all loyalty cards I can get my hands on. I’m a sucker for a free gift with purchase. And I especially love layering up points, freebies and discounts to maximise each dollar I spend.

I’ve written before about my point-collecting obsession, and how it has paid off in flight to Melbourne to visit my childhood bestie and maid-of-honour, as well as four upgrades on a mega-haul return flight to the United States. Of course, I don’t limit my point-collecting to Qantas (although a more comfortable flight experience is what dreams are made of). My primary sources of point-collecting options extends to Flybuys, the MyerOne program, the Priceline Sisterhood and Swagbucks. It doesn’t stop there – I am often sourcing coffee shop loyalty cards (although only when I’m buying coffee, which has currently been cut to once a week #weddingbudget) and checking out what freebies I can get through my health fund.

It’s been a particularly successful few months in my magpie-tendency to collect shiny points and turn them in to benefits, and I thought it was high time I did a round up! Note that earning points is only a benefit if you are buying the things or spending the money anyway. Buying things merely for the sake of earning points (unless it’s a judicious choice – see more below) is a great way to let the big bad corporates win. But on to happier things – like free stuff!

Flybuys Cash-In

Alongside my Qantas point habit, I’ve been extremely dedicated to beefing up my Flybuys account. To do so, I’ve made a point of using the hard copy vouchers that are mailed to you each quarter (although I always go through the self-serve check out when I use them because for some reason, I feel slightly ashamed), which typically get you bonus points – either a 1000 point bonus or triple point bonus on your total shop, with individual bonuses for particular product purchases. I’ve also jumped on board checking the Flybuys website about once a week. By logging in, you are given plenty of online bonus offers.

This month, the Flybuys points total added up to 10,000 points, which I cashed in for a $50 Coles voucher. This kept my groceries to an even $0 for the week (hooray!). My new goal is to collect enough Flybuys points to convert into Coles vouchers to make our annual Thanksgiving extravaganza dinner free. So I am secretly regretting spending the $50 voucher already, but hey – free money is free money no matter when you spend it.

Thanks to religiously checking the Flybuys website, I have amassed 4000 points in the last three weeks. This is mainly due to buying a $30 Dymocks voucher, which generated a 2000 point bonus. Of course, this appears to break my cardinal rule of not spending purely for the sake of points; however, first, 2000 points is equivalent to $10 in a Coles voucher, so the Dymocks voucher has an actual value of $20. Second, with all the birthday events coming up over the next few months, I will benefit from being organised and being rewarded for my spend (since I often buy people books for their birthday anyway). Extra bonus, I have a Dymocks loyalty voucher (are you surprised?) so I can collect points on whatever I purchase with this Dymocks voucher, which can go towards a future book purchase.

So, pro-tip: check out the Flybuys store relatively regularly, and make sure you activate the offers that work for you and suit your spending. The points will add up fast!

Priceline Sisterhood Points Redemption

This particular redemption was quite a nice surprise! The Priceline Sisterhood membership used to be a real pain – I was never able to find my card, and there was no way to look up a member online, or collect the points by calling in later with your receipt (yes, I actually do that). It’s significantly improved in recent months, particularly since you no longer have to wait for any hard copy reward to be mailed to you – they tell you right at the counter when you scan your card whether you have points to redeem! Thanks to my skincare rehaul, I’ve been making a few trips to Priceline over the last five months. It has been worth every cent, as  my skin is clearer and more hydrated than it has ever been. Plus, when I recently went back to buy a new tube of Hydroluron ($35 / tube), I was informed at the counter I had $22.46 I could redeem against my purchase. Best surprise ever!

While I do love Priceline, I am focussing more of my non-high end beauty spend at Coles now, to concentrate my point-collecting to Flybuys. However, there are still products that are only available at Priceline, so I’ll continue to scan my card when I go – just not as frequently as I have been.


MyerOne is just so ubiquitous. I literally don’t know a soul who doesn’t have a MyerOne card. Weirdly, I wouldn’t say I spend a huge amount at Myer, but the points had obviously added up and I had a $20 voucher arrive in the mail. I am hoarding this one until my Clinique Take the Day Off runs out. I absolutely love this product, so will always repurchase, but at a cool $50 a pop, any discount never goes astray. I also am not loyal in my purchasing location for Clinique – it is available across many online stores, as well as at big department stores, and typically has the same price tag, give or take a few dollars which is mitigated by shipping costs. As a result, I just purchase at whatever location rewards me best at the time I’m restocking – for a great example, see my next item!

David Jones Clinique Freebie

I don’t typically shop at David Jones – primarily because I don’t think I’m classy enough (yep). However, I also hate that they don’t have a loyalty program separate from having a store credit card. But, I had been hanging out to purchase the Clinique Extra Moisture Thirst Surge moisturiser, ever since my friend gifted me a sample a few months ago, but didn’t want to part with the $60 for a tub for nothing. Fate shined down on me, and David Jones was running a promotion where if you spent $60, you got a free nine-piece cosmetic bag of samples, which conveniently included a sample of the moisturiser, and the hydrating masque I had hoped to try at some point. Of course, I didn’t stop at the free sample bag – I also requested some samples of one of the cleansers I wanted to try.

Entertainment Book & Crown Towers

The Entertainment Book is, in my humble opinion, an absolute must buy. It offers a tonne of discounts across a variety of services, including retail and travel. This month, I was particularly enamoured with both spending our wedding night at Crown Towers, as well as getting ready for the wedding at the hotel with my maid of honour and mum. Booking through the Entertainment Book got the total price for two nights down by over $150.

Kikki.K Voucher

This one isn’t strictly a points-collecting scheme, but it does show the power of the consumer, and the importance of asking! I received a beautiful leather Kikki.K handbag for my birthday last year. While the bag itself remains in amazing condition, the colour leather on the handles has completely worn away – and this had happened within the first three months of getting the bag. Initially I didn’t do anything at all about it, but it was really starting to bother me that the body of the bag was beautiful, but the overall look was completely undermined when I put the bag down as the handles are so gross. I am a (scarily loyal) Kikki.K customer, and always have my membership noted when I purchase. Annoyingly, you don’t collect points, but I have received a lot of extra freebies for my insistence on spending all my money there, so you know, it probably all comes out in the wash. I contacted the customer service line, explained what had happened, and as the bag is no longer available and no replacement could be provided, I was given a  $70 Kikki.K voucher to compensate. I’m pretty thrilled, since I had been eyeing off a new travel wallet (mine has endured 7 years of exchange, long-distance relationships and general travel obsession and is literally threadbare), but couldn’t justify the cost – typically around $70! Of course, I’ll be waiting until the travel wallets go on sale, since this is far from an urgent purchase, to maximise the value of my bonus $70. But there you have it – ask, and ye is much more likely to receive.

So there you have it! A pretty decent haul, adding up to around $312 in value + a free cosmetic bag with samples. Everything I spent to gain these rewards I had planned for, or fits within my financial rules for the rest of the year.

Oh! And I forgot – I also redeemed two free coffees with some loyalty cards I’d hoarded in my wallet, which was a nice top off to a successful few months.

Like anything, incurring these rewards takes a bit of thought, planning and research. Of course, you can just scan your cards as and when you remember, and the points will eventually add up, and that’s great! But if you’re willing to put in the time, you can really make these programs work for you.

How to pick your wedding colours

In some ways, I can’t even believe I’m writing this post. I had this great idea in my mind that I was going to be this super breezy, chill bride, who just casually throws together a few neat elements and BOOM, instagram-worthy wedding without even trying. In reality, those instagram-styled weddings you see covering the internet involve significant planning, thinking, and creating, to get to the final product – much like any stunning photo, there is work behind it.

As I was trying to pull together the threads of my wedding, particularly, trying to get everything booked in and deposits paid (which means the nitty gritty can be decided on later), I was having a constant low-level panic about what the heck I actually wanted my wedding to look like. I sent my very patient maid of honour a panic email (I know that typically the groom would have to suffer, sorry, help with this part, but my sneaky groom is off in the USA for 6 months, so I’m bearing this heavy burden alone), saying I just had no idea what the heck I wanted! I wanted everything I saw on Pinterest – after all, I only get to be a self-indulgent bride once, and I want my wedding to have all of the trinkets that come with the modern wedding. On the other hand – I wanted the style I saw on Pinterest, not just a panic-strewn room of ill-thought out details, only added so that I didn’t miss out. I wanted cohesion and order, and a real sense of us, while also preserving the desire to have the feeling I had everything I wanted at the wedding (mitigating against FOMO).

That’s when I realised that, despite my original derision, picking wedding colours is a really good idea. Having wedding colours, or a wedding palette, gives you a starting point on which to base everything else. For example, I’m pretty passionate about the glossy white LED dance floors happening at weddings lately, while also loving the soft candle-light and greenery styling, and being besotted with the oversized vintage letters. These are all great things. But if you have all of them, you don’t have a cohesive style, which isn’t a bad thing, but it makes decision-making hard. Not only are weddings dictated by your budget, they are also dictated by your style, and the more decisive you are on both from the beginning, the more fun the rest of the planning.

After my maid of honour patiently wrote back, distilling everything I’d written to her into two clear themes (seriously, the woman is brilliant), I had a better picture of what the options were. And after assessing where I was at the time, I realised I knew exactly what I wanted – which made briefing the florist (and getting a very affordable quote) so much easier. It made picking a dress style so much easier. It made everything so much easier (and also more fun!) because I knew what I wanted now.

Are you as lost as I was? Trying to avoid all bridezilla stereotypes while also trying not to get stuck in a wedding vortex? Just looking for a way to make a darn decision? Then read on my friends, for this is how I discovered my wedding colours.

1. Get a Pinterest account

I know. Maybe you’ve held out for all this time. But I promise you, it will be worth it.

2. Search ‘wedding’ / ‘wedding colours’ / ‘wedding styles’  / ‘party styles’ / bouquets

And then pin the things you find that you like to three boards: Styling Inspiration, Colour Inspiration and Flower Inspiration. If you are wittier than I, feel free to come up with much more interesting titles.

3. Repeat for a few weeks

Just check in whenever you have some down time, and pin a little more.

4. Open up your boards

This is where it happens. You are only pinning things you like, and that stick out to you. Over time, a pattern will develop. And then, when you open your boards, THERE IT IS. Your colour scheme (and, if you’re lucky, your ‘theme’ or ‘style’).

Obviously, this won’t be perfect – sometimes you have a specific taste, other times there’s a vague theme and then, in the middle of it all, you’ve pinned a circus but that circus looked seriously fun. That’s okay. That helps build all the detail around your party. Maybe you have a photo booth. Maybe your wedding takes place inside a circus tent! But the core theme, and the thing around which you base all your billions of wedding elements, will be there, and you will know that you personally created it.

Good luck, brides. Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. Although it is so much fun, and in many ways, I’ve never been happier, there is a significant amount of stress-inducing expectation that comes from many external parties, and from yourself. Any time it starts to overwhelm you (including when looking at Pinterest), just take a step back, and remind yourself of what really matters. You get to marry the person you love. You get to have all the other people you love there to celebrate with. And you get presents.

Dusting off (again)

I am exceptionally bad at regular blogging! I have this dream of being the kind of person who writes regularly, and entertainingly, about the little parts of life. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I epically failed my spending challenge, mainly because I tried to cure the sadness that comes with separation with spending and material goods. Surprise: it doesn’t work. I said goodbye to my fiance for the next six months while we trial our next life, and have surprised myself with how quickly I settled back in to a long distance relationship, and at how little has changed.

I’ve been totally hooked on The Good Wife. I did a triathlon! I re-read The Handmaid’s Tale (for the first time since high school…a scary decade ago), and watched the four episodes of the television show in quick succession. I’ve hosted multiple dinner parties, as I work through my cookbook, and kept up my daily journalling project and my daily video project. I have spent time with my darling friends, and I bought tickets to Hamilton the Musical (just purchasing the tickets is a life highlight). I’ve admired the biceps that have come out on display. I did some hard-core wedding planning, and have now booked basically everything that can possibly be booked, and committed the entire inventory of BHLDN to memory. The wedding is now under 8 months away, so I’ve also begun a much more committed #shreddingforthewedding campaign which has involved working out twice a day (doubling up as therapy from the office) and eating vegetarian for dinner, as well as eating fresh and clean foods every day for snacks and not eating chocolate. In a shock twist, I received a free Tim Tam with my Skinceuticals purchase (another eye-wateringly expensive but extraodinarily exciting skincare development…stay tuned), ate it (my first chocolate in ages), and didn’t proceed to binge on any more. I don’t want to get carried away…but I feel as though I may have taken big steps towards breaking a sugar addiction.

My hair is growing, and I have folded a large number of paper cranes (which is simply delightful) for a charity ball. There have been multiple podcasts, the whole season of 13 Reasons Why (and many phone calls breaking it down over and over to work out the flaws and the fabulous of this very unique show). There have been hikes and bike rides, and dedicated skin care self love. There have been loooong phone calls, and the unwelcome return of the Skype call sound; and the unwelcome hello to the even more aggravating facebook messenger call sound.

There’ve been hundreds of cups of tea – rooibos, peppermint and chai on rotation. Fresh ground coffee in the mornings. The high of potential new race goals, and the realisation that sometimes it’s nice to just do things for the sake of it. There’s been budgets…many budgets…so many budgets. Loads of washing, and dirty hair. Consistent morning alarms (successful people wake at 5.30, and so now I wake at 5.30), and compensatory Sunday naps.

And with all of that, the picture of life. It is full of the random moments, the serene and the tears, the restless nights and the streetlights. The joy and the music, and the quiet and the fear. The rising of the sun and the rising of the moon and it happens again and again, but don’t worry, I’m back, and you’ll be stuck with my musings all over again.

Empties Update

In an effort to curb the sheer amount of waste I see around me, I have been on a rampage of using things up: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at work, (inappropriately) in other people’s lives. This rampage has also been driven by a level of upsettedness at how much I seem to have accumulated in my life that drags me down. I can barely stomach looking in my wardrobe it’s so packed with crap that I can’t deal with.

I wrote a bit about the joy of empties in the past. I’m feeling very smug because I’ve keep the process up, and can share with you the little stash of empties I’ve amassed since I began my focussed attempts at using what I have in lieu of accumulating more.


You may recall me banging on about this little tube of wonder in my skin overhaul series. This little guy goes for about $33 at Priceline and does wonders for rejuvenating your skin’s hydration levels and plumping out the fine lines that pop up when you aren’t giving your skin some tender loving. This tube lasted me about 2.5 months of twice-daily use. I also accidentally used way too much in the early days, so I’m confident of it’s longevity. It has already been pre-purchased and is a non-negotiable element of my morning skincare regime.

Clinique Take Off the Day Balm 

Although pricier than your standard wiping alcohol makeup remover you can grab off the shelf at Woollies, this melting balm both thoroughly removes your makeup and acts as a healing and cleansing balm on your poor face which has spent the day dealing with the world. This tub lasted me around 3 months. I love that I don’t need to use those little makeup pad wipes to remove my makeup and I love how this product helps me double cleanse in the evenings.

Lancôme night creme

This little tester was picked up in a Sephora purchase. I mainly used it to get it out of my life – and I am glad it is out of my life. A little potent and a little not right for my skin,

Clinique moisture surge 

This little sample was gifted to me by my Wedding Skincare Consultant. It is AMAZING. The product goes on so smoothly and is cooling and hydrating and made my skin feel ready for the day. I’m waiting for the magical money fairy to fly by and let me buy this in full size one day; until then I’m ruthlessly working through some cupboard-hidden moisturisers.

Garnier shampoo & conditioner

Purchased in a moment of panic at Priceline when I walked in and felt like I had to buy something. Perfectly fine but leaves my hair a little flat. Will not repurchase save for Priceline brain-fart situations.

Rexona Travel-Sized Deoderant

These mini purchases breed in my handbags and desk drawers. As with everything else, I’m methodically working my way through them. One down. One thousand to go.

Aesop Face Mask Sample

Aesop gifted me three face mask samples that are promised to reduce acne. I used one last week, and I could feel the impact quite quickly. One down, two to go.

Revlon Foundation

Since my KonMari bathroom purge in 2016, where I discovered I had over 20 liquid foundations of different shapes, sizes and tones hiding in my cupboards, I have been committed to only having one liquid foundation that I studiously use up before purchasing a new one. I’m very happy to say this one is complete. I had already restocked in the form of a Maybelline foundation in the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale, and am now working my way through this newly preferred brand.

I’m also proud to say I’m getting dangerously close to using up a powder foundation that I’ve had in the cupboard since my university graduation in March 2014. I can see glimmers of the pan, and am dying for the day it is done and used, and I can commit to thoughtful contributions to my makeup collection. In addition to these itemised lists, I’ve also blasted through an entire cake of honey soap that is made in Australia (it was just beautiful), and am now smashing through a bottle of bodywash I received in a subscription box.


In other facets of life, I also listed 31 items of clothes on eBay, sold 9, relisted 14 and donated 8. The most shameful thing about this eBay extravaganza is how disgustingly full my cupboard still is, and how not-lighter I feel despite this purge. These are always excellent times for some self-reflection on why you bought the stuff in the first place, and why it no longer brings you joy, then working out how to continue with refining your tastes, your spending, and yourself. I’m going to be doing another cull this coming weekend, which will both give me a cash diet appropriate activity, as well as hopefully increasing the amount of cash I have to spend in this month of poverty.

Generally I’ve felt super inspired after heading down the no-waste internet search spiral and am now constantly looking for ways to incorporate the principles of using what you have. It is a very slow process, but also deeply rewarding.