28 & Feeling Great!

As always it’s been too long between courses. I write a thousand blog posts in my head but very few make their way onto the internet! I’ve come to realize I have put a lot of pressure on myself to record life in many forms – but in this particular season, there’s just too much life to be living to be writing it down regularly.

Spring was short lived around here as summer hurried along to grace us with the lavish long days of sunlight. We’ve had the occasional day of grey, but on the whole it has been day after gorgeous day. As life is now revolving around the outdoors, I’ve paid a fascinates attention to the blooms that occur around us, and it’s been eye opening to watch the wave of colour occur. Coming from somewhere that is permanent sunlight, I don’t feel the change in bloom and colour is quite as drastic as northern Michigan. And almost daily I feel like I watch some flowers poke up while others die off. The pear trees were magical in early spring, which gave way to the lilacs, and now the peonies, which are luscious. The daisies have sprung up now the crocuses bid farewell. And honestly sometimes I feel as though I’m living in a storybook.

I’ve experimented with my first real garden and seen crazy results. Kale has flourished (shame it tastes heinous) and the tomatoes are already bearing fruit. I had one small capsicum which was eviscerated by an overenthusiastic puppy, but more are popping out. I never understood it before, but there is something deeply calming about watering your garden, observing the daily changes.

In all this I’ve become extraordinarily obsessed with our home. Someone more insightful than me commented that it stems from an international move. Despite the many similarities between the USA and Australia, for which I’m very thankful, there is always the great divide between belonging effortlessly and working hard everyday for even the smallest things- navigating the shops, working out where to get your car fixed, making a phone call. And everywhere you go you use a voice that doesn’t fit in (although I’ve adopted a fake twang for when I can’t be bothered), and you work hard to walk on the correct side of the lane and find that rice doesn’t have a big aisle marker but is confusingly hidden with the condiments. So all you crave when you get home is a space that feels like yours. We’ve been very fortunate to rent from the in laws, but it did come with the minor drawback of having their ‘stuff’. It is a great gift, as house stuff is devastatingly expensive. But it came with the sense that no space was truly my own. I’ve attacked this with rigor, scouring Pinterest and the cheapest stores around to bring a sense of me to my home. I’ve realized how slow that process is (SO SLOW), but I’m already feeling more ownership of our house.

Alongside this is a new obsession with homemaking. We are working hours like I’ve never pulled before (and husbo is taking it to the next level), leaving minimal time for eating well, tidying up and sanity, although the state of the house causes further insanity. I’ve never been a naturally tidy person, and my mind is always on the millions of projects I’d like to tackle and then brought back painfully to earth by the insurmountable burden of keeping house. It’s a bloody pain in the arse and generates a lot of internal friction between my modern beliefs that the home burden should be shared and feeling like a slave, while also recognizing I have more disposable time and the balance of life means the home is currently my problem. Also, I’m the one insisting on a certain state, so it isn’t exactly fair to force husbo to do what I alone want. Anyway, my constant battle.

I’m still ploughing through my reading goal, and sit at 23 books. My most recent read is Turia Pitt’s memoir Unmasked. I’m completely besotted with her and subscribe to her weekly email, so it was enjoyable to read in more detail her story. Her strengths definitely lie in providing practical and logical tips for getting out of your own way and getting stuff done. And I just love her incredible full and fabulous but normal life. I’m now harassing the husbo for ideas of how to be more awesome and fabulous.

Until next time!