Spring is here!

I thought I’d never say this, but spring has darn well arrived in northern Michigan and I’m thrilled about it. Although today is only a meagre 3 degrees, it is finally bearable to exist outside. The skies look blue. The frost laws are coming off! Trees can be dug! Birds are singing! It is, simply put, bloody delightful.

However, with the dawn of spring comes the dawn of work season. We are continuing our large build, and seeing some exciting progress towards livability (hooray). Tree baskets are coming out, and the phone has begun to ring from people who want to dig trees, and people who are ready for their homes to be beautified. The ice is coming off the lakes, so docks are going in, and people are ready to spend their summertime in Northern Michigan. Thanks to an extremely irregular spring (or so everyone likes to tell me), the lakes are only now defrosting, and many are being told their docks won’t be put in this year, as there is just no time. It’s all relatively unheard of, and the basis of a lot of small talk.

As a result of work commencing, I’ve now been fully immersing myself in the business of working. For most, this probably goes without saying, but I’ve come to realise that a lot of business ownership is HR and running errands. A lot of people need looking after, and a lot of things need to be done, to allow your employees to work. On top of that, and for me especially, there’s a significant amount of learning to be done in the business of trees. I found some pretty helpful resources at the local library, including a great little read called ‘Running a Successful Landscaping Company’ (there really is a book for everything). My next goal is to conquer the various reading and study materials issued by the nursery association for certified landscapers. At this stage, I have accumulated 0 of the required 2000 hours of landscaping work experience required to certify, but I tell you what, I will learn every detail in those darn books if it kills me. The 2000 hours can come later.

In the non-work world, we’re booked in for a weekender to Nashville, TN in July! I’ve been slowly working towards my 52 books in a year goal, and trying to desperately to kick the horrid little post-wedding weight gain with some serious Crossfit commitment. If America wasn’t so bloody good at pizzas, I would be fine. I also went through the mortifying (now kind of funny) experience of being followed to my car by staff at the grocery store after someone accused me of not paying for my groceries (I had bought a $1 pack of cookies and two king-size Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, there was a reason I was getting out of the store as fast as possible). They knocked on my window while I was scarfing down the cookies and made me return to the store to prove I’d paid. If I’d been in my right mind I would’ve told them to shove it, but instead I handled it like a mature adult and cried. All over my $1 cookies.

Adjustment is slow and steady. I’ve grown a really nice network of people I know and small group of friends, which does wonders for the days when the sky is grey and the dog is eating your shoes and you start to question what the heck you were thinking giving up a warm and perfectly pleasant life that you enjoyed complaining about. I’ve attended a lot of the events run by small businesses and charities. I go to the library practically every second day just to look around.

Taco is now 4 months old and so big I can barely pick him up. He now enjoys barking at and biting me, stealing my undies and going to Crossfit. He can jump out of the car, but isn’t fond of getting in, and prefers to lie down on the floor of the car rather than the seat while driving. He loves to go to the large housewares stores and pee on their floors, and inexplicably has become low-key insta famous thanks to a cute video of him ‘helping’ with shoveling the driveway of the winter-storm snow.