The Mundane

We’re closing in on our third week in Michigan, and that gives me a long list of weird emotions, but life continues on: Squirrels have been appearing in our backyard, and my new best mate Taco is having the time of his life staring at them. I dread the day he exercises his instincts and brings one home for us. I accidentally did the CrossFit Open WOD at my new ‘box’ (how long until I can say that without internally rolling my eyes?). I ripped four callouses in a mere 20 brutal minutes, and met four new people. Can officially tick ‘be social’ off my list of ways to be a better person in Petoskey.

Additionally, with moving here came the delightful opportunity to be unemployed. This is fun, in the sense that I wake up in the morning with no obligation to do anything other than breathe, eat and occasionally clean up, which was the holy grail when at the firm. This is also decidedly not fun, because you can quickly lose purpose, and visas mean I am not exercising the option to not work, I just actually can’t work. Ah well. I have aimed to create purpose by cooking as many new meals as possible, and achieve my mum’s wizard-like ability to not waste a single item of food in the fridge. I’ve also re-jigged our living space and got a dog, giving me the joyful opportunity of taking him out into the truly below freezing 3am temperatures (with guest appearances of snow/rain and if we’re lucky, backup vocals from a howling wind) and fighting over peeing not playing.

Having a puppy has completely confused us. He’s stupid cute, and likes to curl up and nap wherever I have hung my coat for hours. Then out of nowhere he loses his shit and tornadoes his way around the house, tail straight up in the air and attitude oozing from his paws. We are on instant alert the second his nose touches the ground, and have had many scoop and runs to the door, only for the adorable, pugnacious nutbag to have peed his way there and be keen for the reward of an outdoor play. Taco suffers through a bazillion cuddles from both of us, mainly as a trade for treating my feet as chew toys, and prefers to fall asleep with his neck wrapped around the leg of a chair or table. He makes life intolerable and wonderful, and the four days he has been with us are the only four since arriving in the USA that I haven’t cried.

We have faced a particularly tough few days through the family business, which was an unfair (in my eyes), but ultimately, appropriate reality check on what exactly we’d signed up for. I’ve leaned heavily on a patient husband and a fluffy puppy to deal with the payout of that reality, and seen in myself some of the grit we were taught as graduate lawyers.

So really, it doesn’t really matter where you live it, life is full of good bits and bad bits. And a dog always helps.

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