Five great things

There are some very hard things about living in a new town / country, and also taking on a very foreign new family business. But that’s obvious. Today I’m focusing on five good/great things about life here in small town USA:

1. I graduated from CrossFit beginners

The town of Petoskey has a pretty nice CrossFit gym. I’ve tried basically every exercise cult there is, except CrossFit, so I’m thrilled to be able to cross this off my life list. And after doing a horrible AMRAP WOD (I can use their lingo already, what of it), I’m allowed out on the floor with the big guns. Next goal: rope climb.

2. Successfully drove myself to, parked at, and attended, a manicure

And, did I mention it was raining AND snowing? Plus, now I look and feel much prettier and ready to face the inevitable stress of puppy parenthood / landscaping / building a house and office.

3. Made a one pot dish off Pinterest

These recipes are the darn best – the convenience of a slow cooker recipe without requiring the advance planning. This particular recipe has the added benefit of being darn delicious.

4. Deer do a nightly walk down our street and it is simply too adorable for words. Tonight there were six of them, and they checked for cars before crossing the road.

5. We got an absolute steal on some great appliances at Habitat for Humanity.

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