2018 Check in

Well this blog went silent for a while! The primary reason for that was the all-consuming dedication I gave to planning our wedding and preparing for a move overseas. My almost-new-husbo and I are undertaking a sea change at the ripe age of 27, throwing in my legal career in Western Australia and kickstarting a new life as business owners in the north of Michigan.

A marriage, a career change and (several) house moves are all individually changes not for the faint of heart, and I have been learning a lot about how to embrace and enjoy each change while just keeping our heads above water. I hope to share some of those experiences once we’ve got ourselves over to the USA, and created at least a semblance of a normal life. Until then, can I tell you that moving is hard? And packing up your apartment and selling your things is hard? And that living with your parents is like a time warp, particularly when you’ve since acquired a fusband? Most importantly, that the whirlwind farewell tour you do of your hometown to say goodbye to your friends and family and colleagues may be intense and jampacked and exhausting, but is one of the most important ways to learn who your true friends are, and to surprise you into realising they are more numerous and fantastic than you ever realised before.

We have four more sleeps until we head to our first USA destination (hello NYC!), and in that time I have no doubt there will be one million more shared meals, plenty of cuddles with the dog, multiple meltdowns and somehow still a few wasted hours scrolling Insta while watching Netflix. But underneath the mixed feelings and the goodbyes and the frustration with maximising the use of three suitcases to capture a life, is a foundation of peace and excitement. Bring on 2018!