October Goals

I’m in the middle of writing my September Spending Round-Up, and I’m going to be honest – it’s far from as impressive as I wanted it to be. There are several reasons for it, but in the end, the key reasons were lack of planning, and visa applications. October is likely to be another spendy month, which I’m hoping to offset by a relatively impressive set of side-hustle options. However, the discipline of tracking my spend was instrumental in not totally losing the plot as I have in previous months, and allowed me to put $1000 into savings.

This month, I’m aiming for a $2000 savings contribution. It’s going to be tough – I’m likely going to need to fly to Sydney, and incur some very irritating medical costs. This will eat significantly into my savings accounts, even if I try to just use my side-hustle money. Some of the main ways I’m seeking to cut costs and increase income is to heavily reduce grocery spend (when you see my September breakdown, you’ll see how much hosting several dinner parties decimated by grocery spend), to not purchase clothes (save for three pre-planned wedding-related outfits) and to sell some more of my unwanted items on eBay.

My October side-hustles are private tutoring, university tutoring, selling on eBay and Swagbucks. I think this month will be the month I close down my etsy store. I’ve really loved having a little online store, but the stress on top of my normal job, and expenses I have to regularly incur to maintain it, significantly outweigh the income and joy it brings me. I have a few personal projects I want to complete using my Silhouette, but after that, I’ll be selling it online and putting that money towards my savings. It feels like the end of an era, and I do think I’d run another online store, but I don’t think I’d make stickers again. While it is so gratifying to create a product people love and use, it is a surprisingly time-consuming activity, and quickly falls to the bottom of a priority list. My bigger dream is to one day create a stationery line, and I’d rather focus my efforts on that.

My personal goals in October are to close out my very long list of wedding jobs, to catch up on my 365 journal, and to reinvigorate my personal empties challenge. The ever-irritating rent inspection has caused me to deep-clean my bathroom again, and I’ve come up with (somehow) MORE pots of moisturiser that I need to make my way through. The roaccutane is still doing wonders on my face, but my whole body is starting to dry out like a wrinkled prune, so that moisturiser can make a positive difference.

Lastly, I’m seeking to write more. I haven’t been prioritising reading or writing for pleasure; a lot of that is due to a very tough last six weeks, which left little time for self care or self improvement. As I face the last 6.5 weeks as a faux-single gal, I want to make sure I prioritise myself. I’ll share more in the future, but I suffered the very real physical effects of over-exertion for the benefit of others in an absolutely destructive cold, and it was a true reminder of how important it is to reflect carefully before committing to things. Spending time to recharge, however that is done for you, is vital, and your body will tell you if you aren’t helping yourself out.

Looking forward to sharing a little more about my spending report, and wedding progress in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’m going to take some time to meditate before heading off to my Sunday afternoon tutoring side hustle and dinner with my family.