Skin Overhaul Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my 2017 journey to fabulous, glowing skin, hopefully in time for my wedding, but mainly in time for loving my face more. Since that update, the every-amazing Wedding Skincare Consultant has added a few more items to my arsenal that I must share.

To recap:

Each morning consists of cleansing with Clinique’s liquid facial soap in mild, a solid all over spritz of Serozinc by La Roche-Posay, a smear of Hydroluron by Indeed Labs and a moisturise with whatever product is the current target of my empties campaign.

The evenings are similar – kicking off with removing my makeup with Clinique’s Take the Day Off balm, cleansing with Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, spritz of Serozinc, Hydroluron and moisturise.

However, it does not stop there! I’ve been informed I’ll be receiving a monthly update to this regime, giving me enough time to slowly build in new products to the basic list above. I was also warned that, after the steps I’m about to share with you below, I’ve graduated from the cheap and affordable elements of skin care to the forking out of big bucks for big reward. I’ll be adjusting my budget accordingly, but if the early results are anything to go by, it will be worth it.

So, the latest additions to the skincare journey await!

Stage Five: Acid Exfoliating

I know. Acid. Exfoliating. On your face. I saw the message and was like ‘um, what’. I always thought exfoliating = little gritty bits rubbing my face. And I thought that acid = really bad. However, there is a whole step to skin perfection dedicated to acid exfoliating that has been welcomed into my routine.

The aim of acid exfoliating is to prevent and get rid of pimples, as well as evening out skin tone, and helping with pimple scars and marks (I didn’t even realise how many of these little jerks I had scattered all over my face until I manned up and actually looked at myself in the mirror). It helps to refine your pores, brighten your  complexion and decongest your skin. And you don’t even have to use it every day!

The product I was instructed to purchase was the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme, available at Target for around $25, Priceline and even on Asos:


In this tub is 60 wipes that look similar to those round pads you buy to help remove makeup. Acid exfoliating is to take place twice a week (I’ve picked Mondays and Thursdays as acid days, for no particular reason whatsoever) in the evenings, after cleansing and before Serozinc. I’ve updated my little post-it on my bathroom mirror to reflect the following stages of the evening skincare regime: Take Off the Day, Neutrogena cleanse, acid exfoliation, Serozinc, Hydroluron, Moisturise, hit the hay.

I haven’t been using this for long enough to give you an update. However, this skincare journey has been going for about 2 months now, and my breakouts are significantly less often, my skin is noticeably softer and clearer, and I just feel more dewy and hydrated. I also noticed when I used the Nip + Fab pad that, despite having taken off my make up and cleansed, grime still came away with the pad. This definitely highlighted to me how gross your poor face can get, and how much care and love it needs.

Stage Six: SPFs

I’m a horrible human and don’t often apply SPFs unless I’m actually going for a walk / to the beach / spending an extended period of time outside. The point of difference coming from my WSC was that not only do you minimise skin cancer risks, sun exposure makes you more prone to pimple scarring and the scars are more difficult to remove. So, SPF was purchased!

You can of course purchase moisturisers that contain SPFs. However, I was instructed you want a minimum of SPF 30, and UVA and UVB protection. Accordingly, I am waiting to finish work to go cash in some credit card points to purchase Clinique’s Super City Block (retailing at around $40AUD from most providers), which offers 30 or 40 SPF.


The alternative suggestion was La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios. It comes in 50SPF and is available at Priceline for about $29AUD.


I’ve opted for this route because I have quite a few moisturisers that I’m working my way through, and didn’t want to let them continue to rot for longer. The SPF is to be applied daily after moisturising.

I’d love to discuss skin care tips and techniques! I believe that coming up next is Retinols – god knows what those are, but I’m sure in a few months’ time I’ll be singing their praises. Until then, I’m religiously obeying the biblical teachings of the WSC.

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