Otherwise dubbed (by me, anyway) as the life changing magic of using things up, the hashtag empties is one of the most soothing things on Instagram. I am obsessed with decluttering (and it’s counterpart, recluttering), but I often feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the degree of waste I see that accumulated in my life. This is why I’ve always favoured selling my things online; not only is it a nice side hustle, but I feel like the item is purchased because it is being used, not just being sent to rot in a Salvation Army store somewhere. 

This unfortunately doesn’t apply to beauty products. My poor mum has been the victim of many a well-intentioned clean out. As has the rubbish bin. But I am very proud to declare that today, I actually created my very own empty – I used up a Garnier hydrating face moisturiser all the way to the final gooey scoop.

And what is such a declaration without a photo to back it up? There it is, in all its glory, an extremely empty moisturiser container. 

I cannot even explain to you the sense of satisfaction that that container did not go to waste. When I was reaching the final dregs, I did resist the urge to just spread the stuff on every inch of my body, just to be done with the darn thing. But I reminded myself it was a game; a test of the deeper effects of delayed gratification and satisfaction in true consuming, not just waste. 

Of course, this is far from the only moisturiser in my cupboard. I can now move on to working my way through the next poor tub of goo, slowly but surely getting every drop and maximising it’s value. 

It’s weird – but I encourage you to scroll through the #empties on Instagram. Embrace the feeling of properly using something up, of pushing through the sense of boredom with what you have to learn to appreciate that you have it at all. Reflect on the joy or lack thereof it brought you when it’s done. And then say goodbye. 

While there is so much joy in a fresh start, there is great sense of self-discipline and achievement in seeing something to the end. And I believe that holds true, whether for a life altering path, or a small tub of moisturiser. And hey, you have to start that journey somewhere, right? 

4 thoughts on “Empties

  1. Klara Donovan says:

    I am totally going to check out that hash tag! I don’t think I’ve ever used something all the way to the end, other than a couple of eye shadows *insert monkey-covering-its-mouth-emoji here*! But I’m getting close with a Dove moisturizer I bought yonks ago, and I’ve committed to finishing a Nivea moisturizer pot before buying the Hydraluron serum. Well done you!


    • Emily says:

      It’s a deceptively frustrating process to get all the way to the end! The excitement of a new product wears off so fast, and it always feels like such a looooong wait until you get to the excitement of using it up. The Hydroluron will be 100% worth the wait though, it feels amazing.


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