Pipsticks Unboxing

As you may have gathered, I have an obsession with subscription boxes. The passion likely stems from my love of receiving mail, and my massive adoration of surprises, as well as utterly unnecessary but very pretty things. Amongst many other fabulous presents (including a diamond ring and a DSLR … yep, I’m bragging but I’m outrageously lucky and I want the world to know it), I received a six-month subscription to the fabulous sticker subscription service, Pipsticks.

Pipsticks is based in the US, and is a monthly subscription of a surprise assortment of adorable stickers. My first envelope arrived, and I wanted to share the joy.

Each subscription arrives in a stupid cute envelope:

And is stuffed full of stickers:

Some of my absolute favourite stickers are ones that sparkle and say hilarious things, and there are an abundance of both in this kit:

The little subscription newsletter is seriously too adorable:

(I love being in the club!!)

And included in your envelope is a decorate-it-yourself postcard. I’m itching to get decorating and send it off – all I need is a pen pal! 

The only downside to Pipsticks is for those of us who live outside of the USA, it takes a little longer to ship. Otherwise, I adore everything about this little subscription – everything is usable, everything is next level cute, and the regular flow of stickers make me less of a hoarder since I know my collection is just going to grow. I’m already hanging out for next month – daily trips to the post box anyone?? 

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