Emily Ley Dapperdesk Planner Unboxing

From the second I saw the Emily Ley line of planners, mainly The Simplified Planner, on Instagram, I fell in love. The clean, crisp lay out, with tidy, well-organised font and luxe paper just spoke to me. The daily spread of half time/appointment-related information, and half to do list, with plenty of space, it’s perfectly with how I like to and choose to plan, and would alleviate the need for the more pain-staking approach of bullet journalling. The Simplified Planners were gorgeous, but I tend to prefer non-spiralbound style planners. So I sighed in relief that I was saving myself from another planner splurge, until I discovered the Dapperdesk range. 

Styled as more of a planner for him, the Dapperdesk planner is a leather-covered perfect bound planner, with all the same interiors as The Simplified Planner. I agonised for ages, but couldn’t justify the high price of shipping from US to Australia – so I was totally thrilled when my future in-laws generously splurged on the 2017 Dapperdesk planner for a very unique and special Christmas present.

Every little detail is so perfect that I had to share. The planner arrived in a gorgeous minimalist-style box. Be still my heart…

The soft brown leather with gold monogramming makes this one very classy planner. While the cute covers of The Simplified Planner are really fun, this style fits more with me generally, and will look really classy at work. 

The paper is an absolutely beautiful weight and quality, and I could take photos fast enough to get to the good part of writing. 

The inside covers are a lovely soft grey pattern.

And you can see the daily layout style in the picture below.

So clear and easy to populate! I find this layout really intuitive and gives a lot of options for the planner to function as a brain dump as well as something to actually help and assist. 

There are several lined pages at the back for notes. Despite keeping these to a minimum and reducing a lot of bulk with unnecessary introductory pages (again, so good), the planner is still chunky:

However the paper is absolutely stunning, and it felt really special to write on each page. 

What really works for me with the Emily Ley style planners is how you don’t feel a need to spend time decorating each page. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good stickering session as much as the next person, but I can find it impractical for my work and sometimes a beautiful layout does not necessarily go hand in hand with functionality.

So, that was a lot of pros! Beautiful quality, beautiful paper, beautiful presentation and beautiful layout.

The cons? This planner will set you back a cool $75USD + shipping (ouch). It is also quite large and bulky, so you either need to have a decent sized handbag, or know where this planner will be living permanently. I know some people find the hour-layout a bit restrictive and in that respect, it may not work for everyone in terms of customisation. 

But for me, this planner is about as close as it gets to perfect. I can already see myself coming back to this style year after year. 

I’d love your thoughts on the Emily Ley, and Dapperdesk in particular, planners.

Happy planning!

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