Karaoke and inspiration 

The lazy pace of this bus tour has continued on as we departed Kalbarri in the morning and settled into Denham for the sunset. In between, we endured 40 degree heat to see the gorges, and hiked our way down to a natural pool to cool off. 

Our next stop was for lunch at the rocking petrol station of Billabong. 

It was a riot. We had Magnums and poured ourselves back into the bus in anticipation of a few more hours’ reading before we arrived at Shell Beach. This is a spectacular beach made up of ground up shells and is hypersalinated. We had to wade out 200m before finding water deep enough to swim in, and floated around easily on the extra buoyant water. 

Our last stop for the night was Denham. We hit up the bottleshop, and drank beer while watching a phenomenal sunset. 

After dinner, we worked our way through our six pack, then headed to The Old Pub, where we observed (and later participated in) karaoke. 

The trip is definitely rife with down time, as we spend many hours on the bus. As well as reading, I’ve been packing my time with my new video project, which I’m excited to share at the end of this trip. The only negative is I started it’s day late 

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