Good night from Cervantes 

Day 2 of 2017. Feeling more Western Australian by the minute. It’s the first day of our venture up the coast of Western Australia and I have sand in my toes (and in my hair and under my fingernails… and in my bed), salt in my hair and a sun kiss on my nose. We started the day in Hillarys at the boat harbour; collected coffee and played with my brand-spanking new DSLR. The bus then toured up to Yanchep, stopping for a walk through the national park and a peek at koalas lounging in the forks of gum trees and kangaroos lazing in the shade, backdropped by a green and receding wetland. Further north was the sand fury of Lancelin. The dunes are constantly windy and constantly changing, and perfect for hiring a board to race down. The tour group took turns, and there was a split between butt-firmly-on-the-ground style and stand-up surfing style. I confirmed to the former, while my ever talented fiancé nailed the latter, ‘surfing’ his way down perfectly to the bottom of the dunes. 

You have to agree, my way definitely looks more elegant. 

The wind whipped sand constantly around us and it was pretty majestic to look around the views of the enormous dunes. 

The bus powered on north for another hour to reach our first overnight stop at a backpackers in Cervantes. The afternoon consisted of salad sandwich lunches and free time at the beach, interspersed by a lot of pretentious ‘photographing’ (speech marked to emphasise the fact that photographing is way too strong a word) and dropping phrases like ‘ ISO’ and ‘aperture’ and ‘lighting levels’, despite having no right to do so. 

The day rounded out with finishing my first book for 2017, and watching the sunset over the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are an exceptionally unique part of the world. The tour guide tells us that there are so many competing theories about the reason for their existence but… I don’t even care. It s a pretty phenomenal sight. Our experience was made extra special by two kangaroos feeding nearby. We drank ginger beer under the stars and discussed the unique lifestyles of Australia and Germany with our new German friends and felt that all was at peace in the world. 

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