Goodbye 2016

I’m going to sound so dorky right now, but I love New Years Eve so much! It’s a great opportunity for nostalgia, to exercise some gratitude, and to hope and plan for the future. The last week of 2016 has been like a dream come true as well – we moved into a bigger, nicer (and cheaper!) apartment, Christmas was amazing, and most excitingly, the boyf proposed!! (And is hereafter referred to as the fiancĂ©!)

Woohoo! In another life I would be a wedding planner, so I am extremely excited to share all the little details over the next year about how we plan our wedding. In addition to the usual venue / vows / outfit / budget dilemmas, we also have the added joys of visa status and options between the USA and Australia to consider. This blog may become a bit wedding / immigration law heavy, but I hope only in a good way!

So today is bittersweet – it is the end of a really phenomenal 2016. I started my sticker business, I officially became an insolvency litigator, we went on several amazing holidays, saw our two best friends get married (one in Trinidad, one in Melbourne – what even?!), and we fell more and more in love with life and each other. 2017 is going to be one of the biggest and most challenging years so far, as well as the most exciting and wonderful. I’m wishing the same for all of you, and look forward to sharing every minute.