Mindful Minute Check In

I’m at day 6 of the month of mindfulness. I am so grateful to have begun this little challenge. 

To recap, I am beginning and ending each day with the five minute journal, and completing one headspace meditation each day. I started these steps thanks to a very patient PT who talked through some of my angst with me with a supreme level of patience, helping me realise how much I needed to take control over my mind, which often runs roughshod over my sane self. 

Like all random challenges I set for myself, the first few days I’m going gangbusters, and by the weekend, things fall apart. I attribute this to running an extremely strict life regime during the week, and then easing back into a life of leisure for the weekends. However, I have stuck with the journaling and (except for Friday), the meditation. 

The best change so far is definitely some more consistent sleep. I’ve battled insomnia for years, and in many ways it has been my biggest barrier to consistency in my moods and my habits. A more restful and fulfilling sleep is literally revolutionising my life. 

Here’s hoping the next improvement is more on the gratitude side of things!

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