Checking in…

It’s been unforgiveably long since my last post! Life has proceeded as normal – working, sleeping, exercising, bonding, volunteering, exploring, dreaming, planning, camping and repeating it over and over. It is almost the end of winter, and I can feel the pep in my step returning as the nights are lighter for longer (although not yet the days being warmer…come on sun, I’m dying here!). I had a season of hibernation from this blog, and from Everyday with Emily generally, but I’m feeling reinvigorated and excited to get back to writing, stickering and productivity.

As part of that, I’ve set my usual monthly goals. October is definitely a month for new beginnings, so the goal for this month:

  • Commit to my new personal training program
  • Maintain a Spanish Duolingo streak
  • Read one book
  • KonMari my apartment

These are all new beginnings for me – things I’ve done in the past, and attempted to apply in my life at various intervals. And now it feels time to re-apply them!

I’m planning some real posts – not these half hearted check ins that act as my prompt to keep this blog moving and blow off the dust. Looking forward to sharing them with you soon!