Morning Pages

When work gets overwhelming, I often find myself in the trenches of Pinterest, scrolling through beautiful productivity methods and lettering methods. The orderly presentation of beautiful things brings me a sense of calm, and a small ray of hope that I can actually achieve it.

Something that has been a recurring theme in these adventures across the internet is morning pages. Morning pages is a journalling concept, where you just write three pages of long-form journalling, preferably every morning. It almost functions like a brain-dump – just getting out all the stuff from your mind in the morning, so you can start the day clear-eyed and focussed.

Morning pages was the perfect solution to two things in my life: my 100-mile-a-minute mind, and my irrational collection of unused notebooks looking for a purpose. While I have kept a journal on-again off-again for as long as I can remember (literally, I kept journals when I was 5…what did I even write about??), I’ve been more off than on lately. Often the act of just sitting down to write is overwhelming, and I find myself just dwelling on the mundane – how much weight I want to lose / how work is hard / how I can’t wait for a break. All things that are true, but I find it difficult to push past those surface-level topics.

My two days of morning pages have both taken place in the evening. My morning routine is very deeply ingrained, and I haven’t yet reshuffled things to make room for writing in the morning. But I definitely see it being a habit that slowly shifts to the morning. For now, writing in the evening is both more appropriate to my daily routine, and also more appropriate considering the amount of crap that accumulates in my mind over the course of the day. It feels appropriately cathartic to let it all out on the page before going to sleep, and starting a new day.

In the end, morning pages, in and of itself, is nothing magical. But it is an opportunity or a key to kickstart, or reignite, a journalling habit. I’m excited to keep you updated on how it goes.

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