Week One Water Wrap-Up

Is it weird that I really enjoyed the ‘w’ trend in this post title?… it probably is. Okay, moving on.

I shared that I was embarking on a weird water challenge, where I was going to drink a gallon of water a day. Even though I’m Australian and don’t believe in imperial measurements. It’s all thanks to an article I stumbled across where a guy drank a gallon a day for a month and reported his general improved well-being, which caused me to recall a time where I ate perfectly and drank perfectly for four weeks, and practically levitated with well-being and all-round awesomeness.

Pouring water into glass

I’m just over a week in and I thought I’d report back how I’m going.

In terms of actually drinking the water, I’ve downed a gallon every day of August except for Sunday. I blame that on my participation in a market, striking fear of needing to go to the bathroom and leaving my stall unattended over the course of the 8 hours I was there. But otherwise, 5 of these beautiful bottles of water (and sometimes more) is being downed by me daily.

As for the experience, I continue to pee almost constantly. I’m like a water fountain. I swear I drink the water and my body forgets to absorb it; it just pushes it straight through the system and out the other end. But everything I’ve read about hydration supports this course of action; I’m ‘cleansing’ my system, removing ‘toxins’, and basically giving my body a big fat thumbs up for all the work it does for me. So that’s good.

My skin got worse over the last few days, but I wonder if that’s due to bringing all the crap to the surface. I haven’t lost any weight (which is annoying, because I definitely eat less as I’m constantly  absolutely overloaded with water).

From a more positive perspective, where I spent the first few days feeling perpetually dehydrated (especially in the mornings), I now wake up feeling properly hydrated. My lips are slightly less dry, which can also be blamed on working in an office – although I think most things can be blamed on working in an office. I think my hair doesn’t look quite as limp and pathetic as it typically does. I’m also saving quite a lot of money – where I was addicted to buying skinny cappuccinos from my local coffee shop to both wake me up and fill me up, I no longer need it. I’m generally more well-rested, and I’m so constantly full of water I don’t want to plug up the space I need to get through that gallon with anything I don’t actually need.

I’m tracking my water intake in my bullet journal, but tracking the five bottles of water in my weekly spread, and the general complete consumption of the gallon in my habit tracker, which definitely helps keep the challenge front of mind, keep accountable, and to celebrate the small wins:

I’ll report back in a week as to how it’s going. The dream is that the overall effect of this challenge is that I lose 10kgs, save the world, am generally a better and more wonderful person and look good in a bikini, as well as being perfectly hydrated at all time. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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