Water Challenge

It’s the first of August, and so it is another opportunity for me to set goals that I probably won’t stick to! But I’m very pro mindfulness, so I’m happy to set the goals, so that even if I fail, it brings the new habits to the front of my mind.

Two weeks in the northern hemisphere, and more specifically, northern Michigan, brought a lot of fun, sun, new hobbies, food and booze. The vacation, nor the four days of air travel to get us there / home, did not assist in keeping myself hydrated. By the time we wearily got off our fifth plane, my skin was like sandpaper, and my brainpower barely registered a wattage. While there are hundreds of ways to improve on this – exercise, proper hygiene regime, eating better (all of which I’m focussing on as well this month) – there is no doubt super hydration is one of the key contributions to making you feel like your better self.

When I first did a health challenge back in February, I remember in the third week looking in the mirror and thinking how bright and fresh-faced I looked – not thanks to make-up (which for a change I hadn’t caked on), but thanks to a fresh diet and extreme focus on drinking a buttload of water. Lots of people commented too – noticing that I looked refreshed (a rare state for lawyers, who typically just look haggard/drunk), that my hair was fuller and my skin was clear. I then stumbled across an article of a guy who drank a gallon of water a day for a month. He was paid by his work to do it (lucky bastard), and commented that despite needing to pee every 30 seconds, he looked better, felt better,acted better…and I want that for me.

So, armed with my new favourite water bottle, the Kor One (isn’t it beautiful? I think I might buy a second one, so I have the green one at home, and a purple one at work), I calculated I need to drink 5 water bottles a day to reach the 1 gallon mark. And so cue 30 days of extreme hydration!

I’m relying on the domino effect to encourage generally healthier habits so I can ditch those ungainly pounds I amassed while eating my way through the entire food produce of Michigan. The basis of this theory is that you start with building on one foundational good habit (e.g. hydrating), and you begin to accidentally do other great things, like eat better (or less!).

I trialled the gallon of water a few days early, and noticed how exhaustingly full I am all the time from liquid. I also note a regular desperate urge to pee. But I’ll keep track of these feelings, and check in with you at the end of the month with how it went and how I feel.

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