Hello August?!

It’s been a while since I checked in on here – the mania of birthday week (I really over value my birthday), followed by a weekender to Melbourne, then an international jaunt to Michigan, and a five flight saga to return home have formed a bedrock of excuses. But it’s goodbye to July, hello to August – steaming through to the crazy part of the year where you tumble into spring and warm nights, and a sense of hope is in the air that you’ve survived another year. 

So goodbye excuses! Hello risk! I am participating in my first market next weekend (and feeling very in over my head), and as a result am crossing off a huge goal from my 27 before 27 list.  I’m ready to face facts about my holiday bid and put in some hard yards to fix it. 

In a similar vein, I’m setting the goal to drink a gallon of water a day for Auguat (roughly 5x the 750mL bottle attached to my hand at all times. I want to see the effect on my skin, hair, mood and health. 

And so many more! But for now I’m just happy to say I’m back online, and back to reflecting on the fabulous and ridiculous soon.


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