[Review] Retreat Yourself Winter Box

Despite being a four-day work week, it has been a looooong week. But it has been made significantly better by the arrival of the Retreat Yourself winter box!

This is my second Retreat Yourself Box – I reviewed the Autumn box back in March and was a huge fan then. I’ve used everything I received in the Autumn box, particularly the yoga non-slip socks, and the Koja superfood salad and breakfast toppers. In fact, I loved the Koja products so much I actually repurchased the Fig & Hazelnut breakfast topper, and am trialling the Chilli Coconut and Pecan salad topper. Typically I prefer to make up my own mixes and toppers, but these were so delicious I was more than happy to buy replacements. This product is definitely going to become a staple of my pantry.

Anyway – on to the winter box. To recap the Retreat Yourself box basics:

The Box: Retreat Yourself, a collection of 10 – 15 products sample and full-time health and wellness products, with a focus particularly on Australian organic brands, which definitely has my support.

Cost: $49.99 + $9.99 shipping for an ongoing subscription, or $59.99 + $9.99 shipping for a one-off purchase.

Delivery: Every 3 months (not often enough!)

Delivery time: it took 8 days from delivery notification to delivery to my workplace, which is consistent with most Australia Post deliveries.

Each box is themed by season, and this box definitely had a gentle winter vibe.

As with last time, the box comes packaged in a kraft brown box, and you open it to find the products wrapped in tissue paper and twine, just like a real gift to yourself.This box contains 12 products. There is once again a really fun variety of products – muffin mix and consumables, hair product, lip balm, a keep-cup, a colouring-in mandala with pencils… really hitting every aspect of health and well-being!


Soooooo many heart eyes.

Set below are the products, with links to where you can buy them individually (where relevant) and the price if you were to buy it as a stand alone product (and where the box item isn’t full-size, the price is estimated based on the advertised full-price item adjusted to the value of the item for sale).

  1. Bake Mixes Cacao and Acai Muffin Mix $12.95
  2. Bambi and Sammi No. 1 Hair Masque $16.95
  3. Dollar Hippy Club ‘Knot a Care’ Hair Oil $26
  4. Forage Cereal Gluten Free Porridge (made in Melbourne!) $9
  5. Kokoluxe Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate $15
  6. Prana Chai Masala Blend (also made in Melbourne!) $6 ($20 for 250g)
  7. Australian Superfood Co. Superfood Bar -Wattleseed Husk Cacao Bar $3.50
  8. Wotnot facial wipes $1.99
  9. Pure by Phytocare Papaya Vapour Balm $12.95
  10. Retreat Yourself Karma Kup (or Keep Cup) – listed as $19.95
  11. Mandala Colouring In by Stephanie Carver
  12. Four colouring pencils

Based on that review, the total value of this box is $124.29, which is comparable to the last box, and over double the $50 cost. Once I again I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth, while also getting the chance to try something new.

I will start by saying I was a little disappointed to not get the promised surprise gift for reviewing the Autumn box on the Retreat Yourself website. It isn’t entirely surprising, but then again, I’m kind of sad! The box did include a list of the products which set out the retail price, which was almost perfectly reflected in my review of the retail websites; I really appreciate that kind of transparency. And it included the cute day plan, which is a nice touch for bringing together the products and show how they can be used as part of your day.

Anyway, as for trialling the products, I had tried KokoLuxe before in the Goodness Me box and I was pretty excited to get a full packet of it! The scent is unique, but the flavour is delicious, and you definitely feel as though you’re having a cup of hot chocolate.

I’m not the biggest fan of keep-cups – not because I don’t love that they save the environment! But I find the lids make your drink take a bit plasticky, which is annoying. However I do love the colours, and I might end up using this mug around the house.


I gave the Papaya Vapour Balm a go. It is scented with eucalyptus and lemon myrtle, so it is really beautiful and refreshing. However, as I’m a total fool, I didn’t read the instructions properly and applied it to my lips, as in a lip balm, when it’s actually a vapour balm to be applied to your chest and back!!! I panicked for a moment, but as the ingredients are 100% natural, and the scent was still beautiful and softening – and I didn’t die. So there’s a plug. But I do think this will be a really lovely winter addition for when you’re bundled up with a cold – a refreshing scent that naturally brings you some calm.


The wotnot facial wipes are described as being for dry/sensitive skin. I tend to really dry out in winter – even though I aim to drink 2.5L of water a day, I still feel like I’m being leeched of hydration. The wipes were really refreshing and nice, and as far as I could tell, unscented, so a nice balance to add to your handbag.

I gave the Superfood bar a go. It’s flavoured Wattleseed Husk, Cacao, with coconut and wattleseed. I tend to prefer just eating a carrot stick to trying raw bars, but this one had a great texture and I thought the flavours were great. I’d love to try some of their other flavours.


I adore the colouring-in mandala. Although I haven’t really gotten on board with the mandala obsession that has taken over social media, I do love the concept for colouring in, and I’m looking forward to a quiet Saturday night catching up on the Bachelorette and colouring in this little image. Thankfully I have an enormous collection of textas and coloured pencils, so I think I can make this guy pretty cute.


Overall, I love that once again this box struck a great balance in providing goods for positive nourishment with good and wholesome food, goods for your physical health with hair products and relief from colds, and goods for my mental health, with mindful colouring and tea and hot chocolate for quiet and peaceful activities. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Overall rating: 5/5.



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