May Money Round Up

I’m really starting to get into the groove with these money round-ups or spending reports. It’s been a great provider of perspective during those moments of weakness, where I just really want to buy something. And as the data has collated over the months, it becomes more and more interesting to examine trends in my spending. The biggest change has definitely been the almost complete eradication of spending on clothes. And I have noticed a definite general trends towards awareness of waste and how to reduce it – waste of money in buying things I don’t use and waste of time in spending on events I don’t care about because I was pressured in to it.

This money round-up looks at how I spend my $120 weekly pocket money on completely discretionary things. It does not assess our team expenses (groceries, rent, other boring necessities), nor does it track savings. It does however provide a monthly report on my side-hustles, as I continue to pursue and refine the side-hustle experiment.

So without further ado, the May Money Round Up…

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.05.36 PM


It’s far from perfect, seeing as I completely forgot to track a week (what a fool), but there it is…a very inconsistent month.

The best thing I spent money on this month was the $30 on boxing gloves and wraps for my 3-month scoopon to local gym, Box & Bike. It is a unique work-out class that combines 2 minute boxing combinations with 2 minutes on the spin bike. You sweat your face off, and it’s a good chance to reinvigorate yourself if you’re working late, or to end the day by releasing a lot of rage. The other best thing was my Leuchtterm bullet journal, which I’m currently obsessed with filling, and already has brought me much more peace than my previous system.

The worst thing I spent my money on was … well, nothing. Generally I did overspend, but I’m not heartbroken about it, since everything had a purpose. I’ll be subsidising my overspend with my side-hustle income from the market research surveys I’ve participated in. I’m really going to miss that money when it’s gone!

Now onto the much more exciting table – my May side-hustle income:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.08.29 PM

This was a really exciting month for my etsy store! I received 13 orders, and made a total of $97.40 in revenue – that figure subtracts the approximate value of fees (which are charged in USD). I don’t think I’ll be able to replicate this month for a while, so I’m holding on to the lessons and excitement while I can. And I was exceptionally thrilled to make my first commissioned crochet baby blanket. My profits were extremely small on this little project, but it was a real thrill to think people actually like my work.

Otherwise I’m continuing to do the occasional survey on Swagbucks and MySurvey, and managed to earn a voucher from each. That’s just about my max limit, as I mentioned last month, as earning points can be really labour intensive if you’re trying to maximise your options, and that significantly reduces your return on investment.

I did make a big move in reducing my side-hustle commitments, and possible income, this month, by winding up my tutoring student. The lack of consistency, the difficult student and the lack of commitment had really started to plague the relationship, and neither of us were getting anything out of it any longer. It was definitely something I should have brought to an end much sooner, but as it was my best return on investment side hustle option ($40 for 45 minutes of work + 15 minutes travel time), it was hard to let that go. However plenty of things matter much more than money: sanity, quiet Sundays and a clean home come to mind. And I’m glad to be constantly assessing my priorities and using the power of no to help me create a life I’m happy with.

June is a really exciting month – it’s my birthday (!!), there’s a long weekend, and I’m heading to Melbourne for a weekend, just to name a few of the highlights. I’m anticipating it will involve quite a lot of spending, especially while I’m in Melbourne, so I’ll be going easy on myself for that, and generally working on reigning it in on the other weeks. I’m moving tracking my spend from various hand-written worksheets to my Bullet Journal, and I’m looking forward to sharing how that goes. The key goal this month will just be consistency: consistency in writing down every dollar I spend and every dollar I earn.



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