It’s been a fair gap of time since I’ve posted! While I have many half-drafted posts sitting, pending and waiting for my attention, I’ve been blocked from taking the time to sit down and deal with them. A lot is external – working full time, running a fitness group, prioritising my own exercise, running my etsy store, all adds up to a lot of mental fatigue that writing doesn’t alleviate. Simultaneously, a lot is internal – I don’t want to just dump my thoughts on the Internet without taking the time to process and understand what it is I’m trying to share. I also get self-conscious about what I want to write – is it any good? Will people think I’m boring? Am I just cluttering up the Internet?

This is my writers block post, to help me get past that. I’m dusting off my fears and facing head on to my desires. 

I’m looking forward to exercising the writing muscle again. It needs a good workout. 


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