Challenge recap: Week One

Week one of the challenge is done – and it is already a day in to week two. However today is a fake Sunday thanks to the Australian ANZAC day long weekend, which is delightful as I got to venture into a beautiful hiking region for the weekend (pictured above) and remember all the good things about life. I also got completely thrown off the plan for the weekend (to be expected).

Overall, I’m really thrilled with how week one of the challenge went. I had bought new food containers, so I had fully prepped each individual meal for the work week into its own container. Prior to this challenge I spent the weekend chopping veggies and threw together whatever I could come up with for the day ahead. Although I thought this approach was a good balance to meal prepping and enjoying my weekend, I much prefer having everything individually packaged and ready to go. I saved so much time and energy, and actually ate every single lunch meal I’d prepared.  

The key slip ups were a dinner out at a super fancy Italian restaurant (courtesy of the parents), and a young professionals networking night with a tad more tequila and carbs than necessary. Both were known about in advance, but I definitely didn’t do enough to mitigate the damage. It was generally a week of overcommitment, and that really showed in my food and gym attendance.

The weekend was, food wise, an utter disaster, as I associate all holidays with eating out and fun dessert. There were hardly enough veggies and it took a while to recover. However we did completely three beautiful hikes in the Peel region of Western Australia, which were beautiful albeit not mitigating the damage. 

So that was a long ramble to say that week one was not perfect, but it was a tolerable beginning. Week two will involve actually hitting the gym, committing to all the food, and no drinking. My key goal will be to continue my high levels of water consumption and go to all three gym sessions. It’s a slow game, but I’m excited to get there. 

One thought on “Challenge recap: Week One

  1. Rachel Katherine says:

    Hooray! I’m so glad to hear that you’re rocking your challenge! I need to post an update on my Fitness challenge too– I’ve been so good at going to the the gym lately, but I kind of fell off the wagon when it came to eating healthy this last week, oops! But it’s a new week and a new month, the perfect time to start again fresh, right? 🙂


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