[Review] Retreat Yourself Autumn Subscription Box

You know those inspiration memes that come up on instagram and pinterest? The ones that are full of broad sweeping views and beautiful people with their eyes closed taking in the world? The ones that make you want to just be that person so bad? The ones that kind of look like this?


That is what getting the Retreat Yourself box is like. It is the best. Retreat Yourself is a health and wellness subscription box that aims to be more than a collection of products – it guides you on your journey to health and wellness. And it is fantastic.

To start with, the details:

The Box: Retreat Yourself, a collection of 10 – 15 products sample and full-time health and wellness products, with a focus particularly on Australian organic brands, which definitely has my support.

Cost: $49.99 + $9.99 shipping for an ongoing subscription, or $59.99 + $9.99 shipping for a one-off purchase.

Delivery: Every 3 months (not often enough!)

Delivery time: it took 8 days from delivery notification to delivery to my workplace, which is consistent with most Australia Post deliveries.

Each box is themed by season, and I subscribed in time for the Autumn box, which began delivery from the beginning of March, and is available all through (Australian) Autumn until sold out.

When this box arrived, I picked it up from the services department at work and high-tailed it home for lunch so I could take my time opening up all the products and enjoying all these treats immediately. This was such a fun process thanks to the beautiful packaging of the products, all of the fun items inside, and getting to peruse the Retreat Yourself Wellness Guide and Retreat Yourself Experience!


As you can see, the contents are beautifully wrapped with twine and some padding inside to keep the products nicely positioned (and not broken!). The Autumn box contained 12 items, and a collection of discount vouchers, so a great selection to keep you occupied for quite a while.


I was really impressed with the array of items in this particular subscription box. As you can see, it includes some consumables such as delicious healthy hot chocolate and a paleo bar, some chill items like a candle and journal, which I’m dying to trial together, and beauty items. This varied collection results in a really exciting and fun box that lives up to the “health and wellness” branding. Set out below are the products, with links to where you can buy them individually and the price if you were to buy it as a stand alone product (and where the box item isn’t full-size, the price is estimated based on the advertised full-price item adjusted to the value of the item for sale).

  1. Coffee Not Coffee Hot Cacao Superblend (two sachets) ($3.46 value)
  2. MoveActive Non-slip Socks ($16.95)
  3. MoveActive Bag ($9.95)
  4. Skindles Skinefit Butter ($20)
  5. Love Ludie Fig Tree Candle (approx $7 value)
  6. Yoga Glow Detox Mask (approx $14.95 value)
  7. Retreat Yourself 100% recycled paper Journal ($12.95)
  8. Naked Seeds Pancake Mix with Maca & Chia ($14.99) (makes 10 – 12)
  9. Koja Fig and Hazelnut Breakfast Topper ($9.50)
  10. Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar ($3.95)
  11. Harvest Bliss Vitamin C Bath Salts ($9.95)
  12. Pho Spice Bag (..don’t know, but smells amazing!)


Based on the above, the total value of this box is $123.65 – over double the cost of subscribing to the box itself, which I think is super impressive, and makes me feel my $50 was well-spent.


I took a quiet Sunday afternoon to trial the Hot Cacao Superblend. I just blended the sachet with boiling water and let it sit for a while. The scent was a bit different – you naturally expect a chocolate aroma, but since this isn’t actually chocolate, it’s more of an earthy scent. But the drink itself really was delicious and felt indulgent, and I’d buy it again. If you wanted a more creamy hot chocolate experience I’d use heated milk and boiling water, but I was happy with the water.

The paleo bar was pretty delicious. The ginger and nut was good, and the ginger flavour wasn’t too strong which was great. The only reason I wouldn’t buy these is we don’t buy packaged snacks, in favour of stocking the fridge with fresh veg. But if you like to have packaged snacks around in an emergency, these bars are tasty and seem pretty healthy/legit.

The Skinefit butter is the smoothest, most delightful experience, and I’m so thrilled to have discovered this amazing product! It’s natural and has a really soft, delightful scent, and is great on my really dry elbows and rank wrists. This is probably my favourite product in this box.

Otherwise, everything else is in the process of being trialled – I’ve ear-marked the pancake mix for next Saturday morning, and am saving the candle for my next Sunday afternoon me-time session with the face mask and journal. But I should disclose that those socks have not been removed from my feet since being unwrapped. They’re fantastic. I’ll be trialling them at yoga next Friday night to see how grippy the grip really is, but they’re really cosy and the spots are fun.

The vouchers were for a variety of brands, and the discounts ranged from 10-25%. I’m not the biggest fan of just getting discount vouchers, especially when the discount is that minimal – it doesn’t really make me feel valued, or motivated enough to check out the store, since these discounts appear relatively regularly in this current retail market. Maybe a buy one get one free or an additional free gift with purchase  would be more motivating as a customer. Although the $1 boost juice voucher will be put to good use!


The guide book is one of the best touches in this box. Not only does it contain the details of the products you’ve received in your box, it also has great articles that are relevant to the contents, and this one had some super cute recipes I’m looking forward to experimenting with. I love Pho, but I’ve never made it before, and this recipe is a great motivation to test my skills and try something new. The double chocolate brownies look absolutely divine, and the ingredients list is clean and fresh, my favourite kind! My favourite articles were the hip opening active stretch, with images to help you through, and the Power of Journalling article. Generally this mini magazine was a real little sample of self-love, and I felt a sense of calm and peace reading it – and the images inside are beautiful, I’ve stuck the opening autumn lives image on my wall at work to remind me to chill the eff out on those stressful afternoons. And the Retreat Yourself Day Plan is such a fun touch.

Overall, this box is really unique and feels luxurious and special. I loved the packaging, the contents, the booklet/mini magazine containing recipes and great articles about improving your life, and the retreat yourself day guide. Even though I didn’t follow it to the letter, I’ve stuck the guide up near my bed as a reminder for taking it a little easier on myself every day.

The price tag is a little hefty, clocking in at $60 including shipping. However, the box is only available every three months, so you can write it off as a rare self indulgence, and as demonstrated, it is great value for the array of full size products you get. Even if these aren’t products you’d typically purchase, I’d recommend the box – it has widened my knowledge of Australian-made products that prioritise sustainability, organic produce and ethical practices, all in addition to making really beautiful and thoughtful products.

Typically I’d cancel my subscription to free up my budget to trial other options, but this box was such a wonderful experience I’ll be keeping my subscription for winter – which is perfect timing, as it will be released in June, just in time for my birthday! And I see myself purchasing some one-off boxes for birthday gifts.

Overall rating: 5/5



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