[Review] Lust Have It! March

So I previously shared how I’d be reviewing a different subscription box each month, with the intention of getting more familiar with what all the subscriptions offer, the kind of products and variety you get, bang for your buck, and, of course, discovering new products. I have done a review of Lust Have It! and thought I’d cancelled the recurring subscription, but whoops! Turns out because I’d subscribed in the middle of February to the February box, and the billing for March was before the processing of my cancellation application, I have also ended up with the March box for reviewing. And I’m not going to lie – I am extremely tempted to just sign up for an ongoing subscription to this box, because it is so beautiful, and you get such fabulous products.

The Basics

So to recap, Lust Have It! is an Australian-based subscription box that sends out a collection of beauty, skin and hair products each month. Each “box” is actually a small zippered cosmetic bag, and contains 5 – 6 products depending on the month.

Cost: $19.95 / month, plus $2.95 shipping.

Delivery: Monthly

Delivery time: about a week between receiving a shipping notification and the box arriving on your doorstep.

What’s in the box?


Check out this month’s collection! Tucked in that bag of delightful treats are:

1. Full size Be A Bombshell Black Mascara ($15USD / approx $19.84AUD)

2. Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser cream ($24.95 for a 50mL tub, so approx $7.48 for this 15mL tub)

3. Lanolips handcream ($15.99)

4. Mellow powder blush ($10USD / approx $13.22AUD)

5. Body Shop Oils of Life ($54.95 for a 30mL bottle, so approx $12.82 for this little 7mL sample)

6. Body Shop Italian Summer Fig 15ml sample spray ($36.95 for a 50mL bottle, so approx $0.77 for this 1.5mL sample)

7. Garnier Full & Luscious shampoo and conditioner ($5.95 for a 250mL bottle, so approx $0.24 per sample)

Total value: $70.60.

So in true girl shopping logic, we spent $20, but it was worth $70, so we made $50! Such a deal! But honestly, getting so many full size products that form part of my basic routine (particularly mascara), makes this feel like it’s worth it every time. And as I said in my previous post, I love the bags the subscription comes in – they can be multi-purposed for so many things, and are super sturdy.

So far I’ve experimented with the mascara and the fig perfume. The perfume has a gorgeous soft scent, and that tiny little spray bottle packed a punch. I would definitely buy a bottle of this to complement my more pricey perfume and make it last!

The mascara goes on nicely, and gave a nice black finish. I probably wouldn’t buy it, but only because I’m extremely partial to my Marc Jacobs mascara and don’t tend to waver from my favourites. However it is a great product and I’d recommend it to others.

The hand cream smells delightful, and is going to live with my mum, who loves rose-scented creams. I also gave the Vitamin E cream a quick trial; it is a really delicious smell, and has a thick, creamy texture and feels extremely hydrating as it goes on.

So, this delivery was so great I’m bumping my rating up to a 4.5/5. I may be renewing my subscription…

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