Hello March

Somehow, it’s happened again – the sun has started rising a little later, the mornings are a little crisper, the days aren’t quite so sweltering and the leaves have started to fall. Autumn has hit, and it feels like 2016 has just been racing past my peripheral vision until all of a sudden – here it is. The reminder that summer is over, and it’s time to hunker down for the long haul that is the no-longer-new year.

February had great moments and hard moments, but overall it was a month for positive growth and hard conversations, as well as returning to old yet cherished hobbies, and great news. The highlights for me included returning to ‘creative planning’, using my Kikki K planner and newly acquired Erin Condren life planners to set out my life, which fills me with a sense of peace and focus, as well as fulfill a desire to be more creative. I focused on just writing for this blog; getting out my ideas, trialing new things, and practicing to find my writing voice. I’m getting much more comfortable with sharing that voice on the internet, and working on refining and enhancing that voice as I share more with you all in the future. February was also a month for finding a life-changing approach to tidying and organising. I haven’t provided a more recent update, but currently my home is down approximately 250 items, and every day I feel lighter because of it. The unexpected results of this include finding a peaceful daily morning routine, and building the habit of putting things away. I find much more delight in my bathroom than I ever thought possible, and my bedroom and kitchen are also moving in that direction. It really was a month of finding greatness in the simple things, and I can see 2016 being defined by that understanding: that simplicity has the capacity to  be the cornerstone of greatness. Removing the extraneous makes room for that greatness. And greatness is discoverable in all its

And now, it is March. I have a lot of visions and ideas for March. It is a month for change, as I move teams at work and redefine my role for the penultimate time. It is a month for breaks, as two long weekends loom excitingly on the horizon. It is a month for pursuing some dreams with more focus, including a side business and a five year plan. It is a month for continuing to move and push my body out of its comfort zone. And secretly – it’s a month for chocolate (hello creme eggs!). It is a month for writing and refining that voice I spoke of earlier. And finally, it is a month for hunkering down and just doing it. Not debating with myself, or delaying, or justifying pauses in forward motion. March is for reminding myself to say goodbye to fear and step outside my comfort zone regularly and with the confidence in myself to succeed, and if I fail, to fail well and bravely.

Of course, aspirational generalisations are fulfilling and delightful to write, but a goal can’t be achieved unless it is actually identified. My specific goals for March are to run 60km; complete my physiotherapy exercises daily; complete the KonMari transformation of my apartment; complete my Project Life album of our January vacation; deal with the hard parts of money (go to the bank!!); complete steps one and two of my business plan; go hiking once; and meditate each day. And a bonus goal: not break up my Duolingo Spanish streak, which is currently sitting at 59 days (!).

And enough of my soapboxing and navel gazing! Share with me, what are your goals and visions for March?



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