Kikki.K Personal Planner Unboxing

Monday was its usually epically terrible self until my email notification trilled, and the delightful subject line ‘Package for you!’ began blinking in the bottom right hand corner of my screen. Usually I try delay going to collect my deliveries from the darling service centre workers so that I don’t look too desperate, but I lasted about five seconds before running upstairs to view my brand new Kikki.K yellow leather personal planner (and a few other bonus purchases to qualify for free shipping because I apparently detest having money).

This box was worth the walk of shame back to my office with another delivery in hand, as it was my very first personal-size planner, and in one of my favourite colours for bringing some joy into my life. I haven’t had a personal size planner before. I was concerned that the size was too small for my messy handwriting and general impatience to be functional, and preferred the larger page sizes of the large planner. However, I’m now completely converted on having a personal planner in the collection. It is just too functional and convenient. Anyway, turning to the actual opening and exclamations of joy over this new buy.

For starters, of course the delivery packaging from Kikki.K is always on point:

I love the little stationery details. I used to have tonnes of stickers in this print, but tragically I think I used them all up. Maybe it’s time for Kikki.K to re-release them? I wish…

I purchased the Kikki.K yellow leather personal planner, the minimalist To Do list pad and the pineapple post-it notes (because I’ve already nearly used up my last set – I feel like less of a demanding pain in the ass if I give my secretary tasks written on pineapples).


My extra treat yo’ self purchases ❤

Turning to the pride of this purchase, this planner is everything I wanted it to be: vibrantly coloured, beautiful material – both the leather and the fabric on the inside of the planner, compact, quality paper and dividers, and just generally really portable and fantastic.



The dashboard has the standard pockets, and came with a teeny tiny To Do list. I know I’m jinxing jinx myself by saying this, but I need to get busier so I can start using all these To Do lists up!

The pre-printed tabs are Calendar, Meeting and To Do, and stickers are provided to customise the remaining tabs (or all of them, I suppose). The calendar tab has a perpetual calendar insert, and the Meeting and To Do tabs have lined paper headed with ‘Meeting Notes’ and ‘To Do’ respectively. The final tabs have unmarked lined paper to customise to your use.


The back of the planner comes with a removable Notes pad. I’m not sure I’ll keep this one in the back of the planner, as I find the paper can get crinkled, but it is always useful to have easily removable notepaper with you at all times. I guess we’ll see.


Is it lame that I’m excited to now have  a planner stack? Well if it is, I am happy to be lame, because it is so satisfying to look at that pile of organisation running my life.


Overall, this planner was an absolute steal for $38.67AUD, thanks to the 40% off sale (that’s still running!). I enjoy that these planners can be constantly updated and reused according to how your life looks at that particular time. I refilled and repurposed my large Kikki.K planner from last year, so I know this personal planner is going to be a part of my life for the long haul. It’s current purpose is to track my volunteer extra-curriculars. I’ve become involved in some of the additional community programs running at work and externally, and I like to have a focussed spot to incorporate all of that information.




One thought on “Kikki.K Personal Planner Unboxing

  1. Rachel Katherine says:

    Ahh!! I love it! Something about yellow, gray, and chevron just work so perfectly together, don’t they? I’ve been thinking about moving back into a personal size planner once my Love Doki zipper planner arrives, but I almost feel a bit bad because I just got my gorgeous A5 kikki.K Wellness planner…. ugh! Decisions, decisions. 😊


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