Crochet: Commitment and Completion

New projects litter every corner of my shoebox apartment and every corner of my brain. I love feeling inspired to explore and create and stretch myself to try new things. Often this results in more half-started hobbies than time, and a generally dissatisfied feeling that the passion flickered to become only a very underdeveloped skill with the torturous reminders tucked in various boxes that I didn’t have the wherewithal to finish it. But sometimes, the planets align, the angels sing, the sun rises on a new day and I start something and follow it through to completion. The energy and joy I feel upon seeing something through to the end makes me realise my goal should never be more than to finish something.

Crochet has filled this rare void in my life. I began with the vague idea one lazy Saturay afternoon I’d teach myself to crochet. A brief trip to Spotlight for some yarn and a crochet hook was followed by some frustrated hours in front of various YouTube clips trying to make a granny square when all of a sudden- a granny square appeared in my hands. I spent the following weeks practicing and practicing, making piles of the things and seeing them gradually become uniform in size – after many of them being lopsided confusing bundles of nothing. And tonight, I completed this: 

Making crochet blankets has become an unexpectedly important part of my life. I often make them for babies using 8 skeins of yarn – big enough so the blanket has some weight, but small enough that the project can be completed in a couple of weekends. It is a hobby that has brought some mental peace to watching hours of Netflix, and I’m also being mindlessly productive. It is also a hobby that has greatly benefited with an unhurried approach to improvement. Where my first granny squares were the definition of odd couples, my blankets now have a consistent tension and feel across the whole project.

 And best of all: I finish them, and immediately gift the blankets away. There is something deeply rewarding about gifting something you’ve made, with commitment and dedication over much time, and knowing that you thought of that person with each stitch. The blankets feel filled with a special type of love and joy because I make them with a purpose; and theit purpose is fulfilled upon completion and gifting. 

I am midway through an epic blanket project at the moment – one I’ve now been given the motivation to finish after more baby news and the desire to learn to make an amigurumi toy. While it is always a balance between embracing the journey and having the discipline to work towards the special accomplishment at the end – I hope you are able to find something that brings you joy. 

2 thoughts on “Crochet: Commitment and Completion

  1. Rachel says:

    That is so awesome! I know the feeling of unfinished hobbies, and they can really nag at the back of your brain. Congratulations on finding something that you love so much!

    I’m kind of the same way about making things for my planners, I always have about ten new DIY projects that I want to start or learn, and when one actually gets checked off my list it’s a great feeling. 🙂


    • ezyls says:

      Thanks! Honestly it has been a surprise to me, just how much I’ve enjoyed it and found peace with it, and I’m glad you have something the same! I’m kind of keen to start playing around with some planner projects – hopefully that will be a hobby that sticks!

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