While sitting in the Trinidad airport (as is my wont these days… But only until Saturday!), I stumbled across some articles in Google, and found out that even IKEA thinks we’ve reached peak consumption? Well, if the company that, to me, is the true definition of consumerism, has openly admitted we’ve just got too much stuff, then I suppose this de-clutter/simplify/minimalism movement really has some weight behind it.

Homewares hasn’t really been a huge issue for me. We moved into a shoebox apartment, and were given most of our furniture courtesy of generous family and forward-thinking parents. That combination of lack of space and already having everything meant that there was no need to go shopping for all those delightful items to fill our home, since our home was very rapidly filled. Still, I am sure with the gradual inheritance of more space as we potentially move in the future (we’re committed to our cosy one bedroom for another year at this stage), will come the desire for more to “fill it up”. I’ll have to keep this concept of Ikea’s in mind – that we, as the human race, have peaked. It’s time to chill out on the buying and perfecting. 

I’ll be re-reading the KonMari book on my final (14 hour) flight home, and look forward to sharing the progress I make on our home (which is relatively low on homewares but still, likely to contain far more than I realise!).


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