Facing my fear of investing

Major confession: I’m extremely fearful of investing money. 

It’s not the risk factor so much. It’s the fact I understand literally nothing about it. No matter how many blogs I read or articles I browse that address ‘investing for dummies!’, I can’t crack it. 

But I’m stating my intention. This is it! This is the year for breaking the fear and putting some knowledge in my head and some cash on the line. My savings account balance is currently $11,445. I have a strong feeling that my previous conception that investing can only be done by the $10,000s is wrong. So step one will be to take $2,000 and put it somewhere. 

Where? I don’t know. I’m very confused about every single facet of this business. But I’m ready to bulldoze my way in. I’m sick of holding myself back, and feeling behind. However, I’d love some advice. What were your first steps? Any advice for an impulsive, distractable person in their mid-20s such as myself?

2 thoughts on “Facing my fear of investing

  1. margecake says:

    First, open an account with a brokerage, I have td ameritrade, but etrade is much cheaper. I’m not in a position to give investment advice, but I’m 26 and I do have about 5,000 in stocks. I don’t lose sleep over it because I’m confident in the companies I invest in. I suggest you learn about financial statements, balance sheet, cash flow and income statements, understand how a business works before you jump in. Preferably, pick an industry you’re familiar with. Don’t invest when you don’t know how a company makes profit. Good luck!

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    • ezyls says:

      This is amazing – I really appreciate the advice and your time. I’ll definitely start with those points of research and go from there. And where you are is exactly where I want to be in a few months’ time.


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