[Check in] Week one

Although I’m busy holiday-ing through the grand opening of 2016, I wanted to check in on the progress of some of my 2016 goals. I note that I do lack a weekly financial check in at the moment because I would like to just be present on my vacation. 


I want to stick with a language, so my goal is to do one duolingo Spanish lesson a day every day for 2016. I’m coming in cold to Spanish since it’s more common to study French or an Asian language in Perth. I’m really enjoying it though! Soy uno pinguino!

Current streak: 8 days


Last year I did my first Ironman 70.3. It was exhilarating and amazing and I immediately signed up for my second (only two run in Western Australia each year). This one is on 2 May, and I’d like to take a half hour off my time and finish in under 7 hours. 

Training: well… I’m vacationing. I did a brief stint at the gym. I’m taking it easy on myself right now since there will be a gruelling 3 month training period coming up.


I paid off a very big credit card bill, what will be my last uncontrolled credit card spend for 2016. While I’ve racked up some dollars already pre-new year, there’ll be no more $1500 blow outs for me. As part of my Christmas gift to C, I scheduled in a budget date night for our return home (he loves budgets). I’ll share the results of that date at the end of January.


I want to take a photo every day of this year to scrapbook. I love creating and storing memories. This has been exceptionally easy since I’m holidaying an exciting new place every day. But, so I can feel smug, current streak: 8

And that’s all for now! I’ll leave you with a picture of the horrible time I’m having:


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