The ‘big events’ of 2016

I’ve been plugging away at my iPhone calculator, messing around at a high level with the figures that need to guide my life this year. I always get caught up in the nitty gritty of what the numbers look like, and forget that this is a guide to my actual life – the life that is made up of a thousand facets of interests, of love of clothes, of health problems and bills, or girls nights out and brunch. And that all those things can be monetised, or, as I have preferred to do for the last 25 year, close my eyes at swiping the credit card, and open them only to the experience. 

Anyway, to give me some visuals to what is going on this year, in my life, I wanted to set out some of the big events. ‘Big’ is defined as anything that I know I’m going to be doing that is going to cost money, outside of a standard budget. This process is to allow me to incorporate those events  during our budget and basketball date (more on this later), so they do become part of the standard budget, and I can eliminate some of that wilful blindness. 

2016 – the big things 

1. 4 week challenge through my work out group. When: February 2016. Costs: 50/ week plus 2 body scans at $35 each. Total: $270

2. Attending the wedding of my oldest friend in December as maid of honour. This will involve flights to Melbourne for me and the boyf, dress costs, shoe costs, hair and makeup, accommodation, a wedding gift, general travel costs of being in a different city such as taxis, buses, food and other miscellaneous things that will inevitably come up.  Total: My estimate for flights is $450/person, so the totally cost is a likely minimum of $1,000 just for me. However, with wedding tax and the like, it would be prudent to set aside $1,300. 

3. Laser eye surgery. This isn’t set in stone, as I’m petrified of the concept of having lasers at my eyes. However, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was nine, and full-time since I was nineteen. While I’m extremely fortunate that my eye care costs nothing thanks to a combination of Medicare, private health cover and family connections, it’s been suggested I’m becoming a prime candidate for laser. Also, the idea of waking up and immediately having sight, not groping around for my glasses, really appeals to me. Cost: upon consultation. 

4. Triathlons. I am doing my second ironman70.3 in May, and I know I still have the bug to want to do a third in November. This is literally the most expensive hobby in the world. While I have already out laid some of the killer costs, including a road bike, helmet, cycle shoes, cycle sunnies and Tri suit, and the entry fee to the May event (a cool $450), the protein bars and gels, new shoes and socks, further entry fees, pool fees and travel costs all add up to absolutely decimate your savings account. It would be prudent to set aside $1,200 for ironmans/triathlons this year. 

And I’ll leave it at that. The years always throw out insane surprise expenses, and I’m already feeling an odd mix of fear and excitement looking at that list I’ve created. Articulating these ideas and concerns that whirl around in the back of my head on those sleepless nights where I panic about whether, at 25, I have only set myself up to fail, brings a sense of calm to the chaos. 

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