Ushering in New Years is one of my all time favourite activities. You can taste the hope and celebration in the air, as people resurface after Christmas and step on to the streets, sending out the message that they are here, that they matter, that life is to be lived joyfully, noisily, surrounded by those they love. 

I’m spending 2016 looking for a way to joyfully, noisily enjoy my life, and see some real goals actualise. The main goal is to consciously work with my money. I have unconsciously, or haphazardly, given due regard to my dollars. But this is the year for tracking, saving, and getting ahead. 

To start, I bought the Mindful Budgeting planner from Blonde on a Budget. Unfortunately it didn’t arrive before I left on holidays (current location: Miami!), so I’m looking forward to using that planner once I get home. My biggest stumbling block is having a clear understanding of where my money goes. I become almost wilfully blind to where it’s gone. So consciousness is my personal buzz word.

Once I’m in a normal routine again, I will share my weekly status report. That sounds so dull. But as I said – I want to be joyfully, noisily living my life. And without some solid understanding of what I do with my money, and my motivations for doing so, I can’t find the peace to live joyfully and noisily. 

For now – I have a week ahead in the Florida Keys, before heading to DC, Trinidad and Tobago, and finally, back to Australia to press start on real life. I’m really looking forward to sharing this year with you all. 

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