I bought a $2000 bike today.

I haven’t posted here for a long time, but this was the fact I wanted to start with. I bought a $2000 bike.

$2000 is a lot of money. The bike was brand new, and I always said I would only ever buy a second-hand bike on Gumtree and not waste my money. My (very nice) bike was stolen last week, as I lead up to the days of training for my first half ironman in November. I was devastated. That bike awas gifted to me from very generous friends. But did I need to replace it with a brand-new $2000 bike (adding in another $400 in helmet, water bottle racks, lights, a new lock, repair kit, pedals, cycling shoes…those thieving jerks really cleared me out). It rode nice. I feel good in that saddle. I’m really happy with my purchase.

But now I’m starting to question whether I’m allowed to spend that kind of money when I’m 25? Should I have saved it? Should I have picked a cheaper (less speccy) bike? Should I have just counted the $400 entry fee to the Ironman as a sunk cost and not bought a replacement bike?

I feel plagued by these kind of financial considerations all the time. I’ve had a few months of really losing control with my spending. My favourite personal finance blog, Blonde On A Budget, is now reporting on a second year of a total shopping ban. I cannot even fathom going on a shopping ban! I didn’t realise how thoughtlessly I shop – but it’s incredibly thoughtlessly at times. I have saved up a comfortable amount of money, which gives me a foolish sense of comfort that I can do things like buy a $2000 bike. But. Then I don’t have as much saved.

I have had a lot of financial confusions I want to start sharing again. I felt so much clarity when I was blogging about money. It kept me honest, and it kept money at the forefront of my mind. I look forward to reporting back again.

And I’ll keep you updated on how the bike rides. Fit is necessary!